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An Introduction to Ass to Mouth

"Ass to Mouth" (A2M) refers to sexual activities which involve removing a man's penis from the anus of another man or woman, then placing it in their partner's mouth.

hot couple in the middle of an A2M session
A2M is part of a sexual game with both parts fully on board.

In between removing the penis and placing it in the mouth, there's no time to wash it down. In classic ass to mouth fetishes, the penis is moved in one motion straight into the recipient's mouth, with everything this entails.

If somebody asked you whether you were into A2M, there's a fair chance you'd be offended. But what seems on the face of things to be a very niche activity is actually more common than you might think, and it has a whole set of rules and ideas behind it.

Sure, it's a bit gross, but people genuinely love it.

How to Safely Engage in Some Ass to Mouth Action

If you are thinking about trying some A2M fun, there's nothing to stop you. In fact, you could be one of millions of people around the world who experience what is known as "coprophilia" - the urge to smell or eat feces.

Taking a man's penis in your mouth after it's been inserted in your rectum is a popular activity for coprophiliacs for obvious reasons.

However, when you do try ass to mouth, safety has to be a major consideration. There's a host of risks associated with A2M, from minor digestive tract irritation (due to introducing intestinal bacteria to the mouth and stomach), to the transmission of STDs like gonorrhea.

In classic A2M, condoms aren't generally part of the deal, but if there's a risk of STD transmission, some form of protection is absolutely essential. Aside from that, there's not much else to be done. It's just an erotic act with a strong element of risk.

What's the Attraction of A2M, Anyway?

This is a mystery to many, and it might be hard to explain to those who haven't got into A2M. Much of the appeal is contextual (and sexual). When you are engaged in passionate anal sex with a horny partner and don't want them to ejaculate in your ass, A2M is a smooth, natural alternative.

The action flows from anal sex to oral sex in one movement, and just "feels right" for many people.

Others like the extreme nature of the action. For them, sex and risk go together, and they don't mind extremes of disgust or pain (they are engaging in anal sex to begin with, after all).

Then there's the guy doing the insertion. For them, it could be a power thing, a kinky fetish, or part of a sexual game with both partners fully on board.

Whatever the reason, A2M is a reality, and much more prevalent than many people think.

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