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Too Much Work - No Time for a Boyfriend

My name’s Alexis and friends with benefits saved my life! LOL Let me explain. I’m 32 years old. I’m trying to make a go of it in the world of IT.

Taking a break from work to find sexy fun online!

Right now, the company I work for has got me visiting client accounts for training, service updates and the like and I travel up and down the coast pretty much constantly. I love the freedom of being out of the office and I love the work… one problem though: what the hell happened to my sex life?? All the focus I put on my career doesn’t leave me with time for a regular boyfriend, which leaves me with the bar scene. Of course I’ve tried it out. Every night a new place, every night a new face – it sounds great but the reality is pretty dull, I’ve found. When I’m on the road, I do usually end up in the bar at the end of a long day and I’m tall, blonde and slim so I’ve never had a problem attracting men. The problem is that sure, sometimes, once in a blue moon, you luck out and hook up with someone who really does it for you in bed. But, most of the time, it’s just another drunk guy who’s too excited, fumbling around clumsily and the whole episode is over in about five minutes or less. Sigh. I was starting to wonder if I’d ever really be able to find a satisfying sex life with the lifestyle I lead. I needed to graduate from barroom hook ups to something better.

The bartender's solution

One night I was sitting there in a hotel bar – as usual! – having a drink and the bartender was a woman about my own age. She was watching me while the blokes were coming around to chat me up and check me out but I was having none of it that night. It just didn’t seem worth it! At one point she said to me, “Your boyfriend must be lucky to have you – I’ve seen you turn down three blokes so far tonight!” I just laughed at her. “Don’t have a boyfriend,” I told her, “I’ve just had it with drunken hook ups – at least for tonight!” We both laughed. “Seriously though,” I asked her, “where do you find a decent bloke around here? I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but…” And we both looked at the sorry specimens staggering around the bar by that time. She leaned closer over the bar and told me, “Well I’ve got a secret, and it’s helped me find two great friends with benefits who keep me satisfied – and they don’t cut into my social life, work life or anything else. It’s pure sex without the hassles.” I couldn’t believe it. Not just one but two friends with benefits?? So naturally I demanded to know how she did it. “It’s easy,” she said with a smile, “I found my friends with benefits online.” She told me about a website where I could set up a profile for free, post ads and best of all, connect with an online community of sexy people llooking for the same thing, casual sex and and the night of their lives.

Finding fun online

I was so excited about the idea, I dashed back to my room to set up my profile right away. I posted my first ad looking for friends with benefits and maybe it was the late hour but I really poured myself into that ad. “I’m just looking for great sex – is that so hard to find??” I asked. I mentioned that I travel a lot and the general area. I thought I might find a good bloke somewhere along the way, someone I could hook up with on my way back and forth to business calls. But – I was still on the job and I had an early morning so I was off to bed, dreaming of what might happen. The next morning, I was too rushed to check for replies and busy through the day. It wasn’t until that evening, back in my hotel room, that I was able to check them out and I couldn’t believe it. My message box was full of replies from great blokes looking for the same thing I was – friends with benefits. I spent a couple of hours checking out pics and profiles. Then I realized I could chat with them too, so I narrowed down the list and had fun sexy chatting online with the best of the lot. I was going to do one better than my new friend the bartender – I wanted three friends with benefits! I ended up making plans to meet up with three of the best over the next week while I was on my travels up and down the coast. As it turned out, the three of them were spread out over my service territory, LOL, so I’d be able to hook up with a friend with benefits no matter where I was working.

Work and play - finally in balance

That next week was one of the best in my life as I first met and got to know my new friends with benefits for the first time. First, there was Tom. Tom’s a factory worker, plain spoken and not much for fancy dress or fancy words. He doesn’t need them! With a great body and killer green eyes, Tom loves oral sex – giving and receiving – one of my absolutely favourite things when it comes to sex. We don’t need a lot of words between us as we spend the hours sixty-nining and I’m sure to pay him a visit anytime I’m heading out on the road because he lives not far from me. Once I’m on the road, the next stop is always Derrick. Derrick is my blonde surfer boy. He lives by the beach, naturally, and he’s into sneaking outside for sex on the sand. We’ve spent many a night rutting all over beach and in the shallow water. I make sure to bring extra towels for my visits with Derrick! Ahmed, near the end of my territory, is a little different. He’s the original tall, dark and handsome and he’s intense. He’s also got a huge package – enough to keep me mesmerized and coming back for more of his long, slow strokes. When you talk about friends with benefits, I guess you could say I lucked out, but it really wasn’t luck at all – just being smart.

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