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A Special Friend can Help your Marriage

Friends with benefits are fun to have even if you’re in a steady relationship. Sometimes, your boyfriend can’t give you everything you need, or maybe you’re just between boyfriends. Friends with benefits are the way to stay satisfied, as I’ve found.

A gorgeous young woman lying in wait for her lover.

My name’s Sunita and I’m 34. I think I’m like most people – you start out doing what your family and your background says is right. In my case, my family were very traditional. They didn’t insist on an arranged marriage but they did fully expect me to get married to “someone suitable” by the age of 24 or so. I tried to do what they wanted – I even got engaged! Of course we weren’t supposed to experiment with sex before marriage but we did anyway and I was… sorely disappointed. Looking back, I feel sorry for the poor bloke. He was just as sheltered and inexperienced as I was and naturally he didn’t really know what to do with me. But at the time, I was horrified and called off the engagement right away. Naturally, I couldn’t tell my parents why but I was starting to feel my sexual appetites and as inexperienced as I was, I could sense that my desires were too strong to be satisfied with a hit and miss approach. I was going to have to look for what I wanted.

Discovering my sexuality

I had the time of my life at uni. I was meeting people from all over the place and experimenting with sex was on everyone’s agenda. I was studying computer science and there were very few girls in our department so we all banded together to study and party and study some more. Alicia became my best friend and we eventually shared an apartment. I had a series of boyfriends at the time, one after the other. I guess you would call me a “serial monogamist” LOL. Alicia, though, I couldn’t quite figure out. She’d have a boyfriend sometimes, but even when she didn’t, her phone would ring and she’d be off on dates and bringing blokes home. When I was between regular blokes, I’d have the occasional one-night stand but of course I had to go the campus bars looking for them. With Alicia, it was like she had a secret stash of blokes out there just waiting for her to be available! I tried to ask her about it a couple of times but she’d just say, “Oh, I ran into so and so and things just happened!” I knew there was something else going on though and one day I found out what it was. My own laptop broke down and she let me borrow hers. I wasn’t trying to snoop but I couldn’t help but see the url for an adult dating website in her browsing history. When I clicked on it, what did I see but Alicia’s ad looking for friends with benefits!

My best friend' secret - hooking up online!

At last I knew her secret! I couldn’t help it – I asked her about it right away and finally she confessed. She’d been hooking up with great blokes online since first year. “It’s so easy,” she told me, “you set up a free profile, post an ad and then wait for the replies to come pouring in. Why wait to find someone at school or in the bars, and why settle for whoever you stumble across when you can look for exactly what you want?” She explained that her parents were churchgoing and like mine, very traditional. She’d started looking for friends with benefits online because she just couldn’t find anyone in her social circle. Once she’d started uni, she saw no reason to stop. “It fills in the gaps,” she explained. “Whether I have a boyfriend or not, I know I can always find satisfying sex.” She didn’t need to convince me – I could already see how well it worked for her. Naturally I set up a free profile myself and posted my first ad. “Looking for friends with benefits. If we click in bed, why give up a good thing? I’m not looking to be your girlfriend or a wedding ring – just great sex! Let’s get together…” It wasn’t long before my message box was full of replies and I was having trouble finding time for my studies, LOL.

Friends with benefits - for life!

Once I was out of school and well on my way to becoming an IT consultant, I was spending so my time on my career that I had no time for regular boyfriends and relationships anyway. Even nowadays when I have a boyfriend, sex can be hit or miss, or maybe he’s out with his mates tonight when I really want it. Friends with benefits have been my lifeline to great sex throughout it all. Right now I’ve got three of them: Liam my surfer boy, Harry my older businessman and Joey the crazy artist. Liam is a free spirit and he loves sex outdoors in the wild. We take long drives and end up rutting in a field or out in the desert at night. Harry is a naughty boy. He calls me to come into his office – where he’s a manager! – and I wear a business suit with stockings and heels as if I was one of his business appointments. Once he’s locked the door, I lift up my skirt, take off my panties and bend over his desk… Then there’s Joey, who’s taken me to the rooftop of a hotel to have sex under the stars and licked me between the legs underneath the tablecloth at a restaurant. Over the years, my parents and family have gotten used to the fact that I’m not the marrying sort and that’s a good thing, because there’s no way I want to stop all this fun!

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