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From Same Old to Sexual Diva with a Little Help of a Friend

My name’s Brianna and having friends with benefits gives me the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. I’m 42 and like a lot of women my age, I did all the things they told me to – stayed in school, got a nice job and married a good bloke with a good job with the government.

sex diva fulfilling her fantasies

We didn’t have kids – there always seemed to be something going on with his work or mine – but it’s just as well. After 16 years of marriage, we called it quits. The spark just wasn’t there and quite frankly, it hadn’t been for a long time. Our sex life had been stagnating for ages. When it was over I was left full of sexual fantasies and desires but one thing kept getting in the way – I loved being on my own! I didn’t want to share my brand new apartment, furniture or anything else with a new man. I’ve always had a group of close girlfriends, even when I was married and now that I was single, we were partying it up every weekend. I was having a great time. Then I started dating a bloke from work. He was okay in bed but even staying over at my apartment once… I felt like he was already starting to take over the place and I wanted him out. LOL – I still like men, just temporarily I guess.

Trying out the bar scene

The thing is, I was also starting to realize that I wanted different kinds of sexual experiences – not just the same old boring sh$t that I was used to. I had a head full of dreams and a body just waiting to experience them, and I didn’t have a clue how to start or even what a friend with benefits could be. Mary, one of my girlfriends was into the bar scene and she took me along with her a couple of times. It was fun for the most part. We’d dress up like tarts and get a lot of attention. Sure, we met men and hooked up with men. We had a lot of drunken encounters in the backs of cars in the parking lot and a few times in some strange bloke’s apartment. Then what? It was back to the pool the next week, trying to find someone new. The sex was forgettable and the blokes were too. Maybe – just maybe – you can find a friend with benefits in the bar circuit, but honestly, I’ve never met anyone who did. At the same time, I was starting to notice that a lot of younger men seemed to be attracted to me – and me to them. In fact, I was becoming obsessed with a new fantasy of mine – having two young blokes at once. But what was I supposed to do – go into the bar and hold up a sign? LOL I didn’t want just any two young blokes, I wanted the right ones. But how was I to find them?

Finding the solution online

If Mary was the loudest, party-queen member of our social circle, Annika was the quiet one. But as they say, it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for and as it turned out, she had the secret to finding great friends with benefits. One Sunday the group of us were having brunch and it was after a night out with Mary. I know I looked tired and despite the fact that we’d scored at the bar yet again, I was a little out of sorts. It was one of those groping, drunk encounters behind the bar and the silly bastard passed out before even he was done. Mary was telling everyone the tale and I was sitting beside Annika. She could tell I wasn’t as thrilled by the evening as Mary though and she asked me what was wrong. I was feeling frustrated and I blurted out, “I’m just wondering whether this is my trap: it’s either boring monogamy with a boyfriend or unsatisfying quickie sex with drunks from a bar!” Annika just smiled at the time, but later on we found ourselves alone in the ladies’ room. That’s when she took her tablet from her purse and showed me her profile at an adult dating website. I was floored! Quiet Annie, as we called her! LOL I guess you just never know. She also showed me the profiles of a few of the young blokes she’d hooked up with and I was convinced. I hurried home from brunch to set up my free profile right away.

Finding the perfect friends with benefits situation

I felt safe because the site was discrete. If Annika could keep her secrets so well, it had to be! I was totally honest about what I was looking for when I posted my first ad and within a few days, I’d found my first pair of friends with benefits. Jack and Roger were 26 and 27 and they’d been sharing girls since their teens – and with all that practice, they were fantastic at it! In their reply, they said they loved older women and wanted an arrangement where we could hook up every now and then on a semi-regular basis, just a booty call distance effort and sex will be at your door. Clean and no strings attached. I was so excited the first time we got together. First, it was a couple of drinks at a bar – sitting at a secluded corner table where their hands could explore their way up my short skirt. I was wet and more than willing by the time we made it to Jack’s apartment nearby. The two of them started kissing me and undressing me. It was like a dream! Then I got greedy and tore off Roger’s pants to suck at him greedily – while poor Jack was left to undress himself. He started rubbing his hard dick against me from behind and when he slipped inside me I had to pause and gasp – I’d never felt anyone that big! We did it three times that first night and it’s been every week or two since then. Maybe someday I’ll want to settle down again but right now, I can’t imagine why!

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