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My Boring Sex Life Needed A Special Friend

My name’s Rose and I can honestly say that friends with benefits have saved my marriage. I’ve been married for about four years now. My husband Georgie is a good bloke in a lot of ways but… let’s just say the bloom is off the rose as far as our sex life is concerned.

A sexy housewife prepares a meal

I guess I should have listened to Ma – we were too young when we got married. I was in love, inexperienced and I thought a few minutes of fondling and then another few minutes of rutting in the missionary position was all that there was to sex. My problem now is that I’m only 25 and our sex life has gone totally stale. If you add that George is obsessed with rugby and his favourite team, meaning a houseful of punters to watch the games on telly and road trips to see them in person and all that… it was making me into one bored, lonely housewife. I work in a home with special needs adults and while I find the work really rewarding, it means that I spend all day helping other people and then come home to housework, laundry and a couch full of the boys watching the game, waiting for dinner to be served... I’m too young to be wasting away like this! I was really reaching the end of my rope.

A girlfriend shows me the way

It’s not that I don’t still love my husband. Like I said, he’s a good bloke and he’s got a steady job. He makes me laugh (when we do spend time together) and he’s got a lovely family. But, I was about to leave him in sheer frustration. I had an afternoon off work one day and I went out to lunch and shopping with one of my girlfriends. I’m not one to talk about my problems to anyone and everyone but Sheila was a good friend and she knew I wasn’t happy. We had a couple of drinks over lunch and finally she just asked me, “Rose love, you’re not happy. I can see it and it’s been a while now. You don’t even smile much anymore! What’s going on?” I couldn’t help myself, I poured my heart out to her. I went on and on and she just nodded and smiled. She totally understood. Then she really floored me. “What you need is a friend with benefits,” she told me. “What??” I was so surprised. Then she proceeded to tell me her own story – one that was pretty close to mine. Married a few years, the sex had gone south. Then she found a website where she could create a profile for free and post ads. From what she told me, she’d gone through two or three blokes who ended up as friends with benefits – an afternoon of great sex with no strings attached, whenever she wanted it. She’d go visit her friends with benefits while she was out shopping on the weekends and then just continue with the rest of her life. Like me, she was still really fond of her hubby and didn’t really want to leave. It sounded like heaven – the perfect solution.

Finding my sexy match online

I was nervous about setting up a profile and ad looking for friends with benefits and all that online from home but I really needn’t have worried. Georgie and his boys were always so busy and as long as the beer and chips were plentiful, the lot of them didn’t much bother with what I was doing. I soon lost that nervousness and the very next day, while they were cheering on the team, I was in the kitchen on my tablet setting up my profile. I was a little concerned at first about discretion naturally but I could see that the system was discrete and secure and just full of people who were looking for the same thing I was. I got more and more excited looking at other people’s profiles and then I finally posted my first ad looking for a friend with benefits. “Bored housewife” is a bit of a cliché but it was the truth! After I posted the ad, I didn’t just want to sit there staring at the tablet so I got busy making snacks for the boys. A little while later I checked back and I couldn’t believe how many replies I’d gotten already! While Georgie and his friends ate and cheered in the next room, I was checking out pics and profiles of the blokes who’d answered, getting more and more excited. Honestly – I was getting so hot I had to take a break and masturbate just so I could keep looking! LOL

Satisfied at last!

Finally I settled on my first bloke to try out. Like me, he was married and didn’t want to change that. What he did want was exciting sex. It turns out he lives not far from where I work and he works nights while his wife works days, so we decided on a lunch hour tryst. I was so nervous I almost couldn’t find the address but everything worked out great in the end. Luke is fantastic in bed –I can’t imagine why his wife lost interest, but then again he says the same about me. He loves to kiss and he’s not afraid to use his tongue between my legs either. He’s got a lovely big dick and I make sure it doesn’t go to waste, sucking and rutting like crazy for an hour or so before I have to go back to work. So far, our lunch hours have worked out great. His building is quiet and there’s no one about to see us or tell tales. I go back to work super charged with energy and go home to smile and joke with Georgie and his boys. Even my sex life with Georgie has gotten better! That’s something I didn’t anticipate, but I think because I get to express my sexuality more, it kind’ve multiplies the effect. Georgie feels it somehow but instead of getting jealous, he gets turned on and he’s actually been making more time for me… when the boys aren’t over that is, LOL. Friends with benefits like Luke are a life saver!

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