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Pantyhose fetish - a love of the leg

Long, luscious, lovely legs in pantyhose – you adore them. You love the way pantyhose makes the legs look so perfect, so sculpted and elegant in form. Pantyhose accentuates the curves, with a silky texture you love to feel against your own skin.

woman with a black pantyhose on a bed
You just love the feeling of stockings!

They cover but they don't hide the legs - They make them look fantastic!

They can do all of that and then when she takes them off, they're soft and delicate and you can crumple them into a tiny ball in one hand. Powerful...yet delicate. Simple...yet sophisticated. Pantyhose move with the woman to delight you and allure you, covering her most beautiful parts and soaking in their womanly fragrance.

A pantyhose fetish is simply an appreciation for softness, femininity and the beauty of women's legs. There are legs in pantyhose all around you in our society – and you can look but you can't touch.

It can be so hard to fully indulge in your pantyhose fetish when you leave things to chance.

Surrounded by Legs in Pantyhose

You've likely had a pantyhose fetish for as long as you can remember. In school, your pantyhose fetish was torture when all the girls - and female teachers - around you were wearing them and you were forbidden to touch or express your desires.

Once you were old enough to date and have girlfriends, perhaps the odd girlfriend would let you indulge your taste for pantyhose...or not.

Certainly, many women enjoy it when you stroke their thighs or legs and perhaps you may be able to get them to leave pantyhose partially on during sex. But your desires may run far deeper than that. You may like to stroke your cock against a shapely leg in pantyhose.

You may like any sort of stimulation with soft, pretty pantyhose. But it's more than likely that your pantyhose fetish reached a point where a girlfriend or casual date might find it "different".

We live in a world where we are saturated with sexual images yet we still understand so little about sex in all its wonderful variations - including pantyhose fetishes.

Indulging your Passion for Pantyhose

You've probably been hesitant to ask girlfriends to let you enjoy your fetish with them. Nowadays with the internet and social media, what you tell someone in confidence could be all over the news – or your neighbourhood – tomorrow.

There's nothing sinister about a pantyhose fetish but who knows what your family or your boss might think? Why should you have to suffer for a natural appreciation for a woman's legs and what she wears to cover them?

If your preference runs more to casual dating and hook ups then the situation becomes even more problematic. You may feel like you have to have a speech prepared to explain your pantyhose fetish to every new woman you meet and once in a while, you might find someone who is willing to let you get into it with them.

Once in a while! You may even have to carry around a pair of pantyhose to offer to your hook ups when bare legs are usually the norm. But it's a haphazard approach that risks being a turn off to your potential hook ups.

Let's face it, if you meet your casual dates in a pub or a dance club, it's hard to negotiate including your pantyhose fetish into the deal on the spur of the moment. It's hit or miss – with a good chance of a miss. Badults lets you be honest and find what you really crave.

Sophisticated Stocking Fetish

Perhaps your preference is for a stocking fetish. A stocking fetish gives you the same silky feel, the same suppleness and movement. Stockings also accentuate the beauty of women's legs but at the same time, they leave a sexy gap between for panties – or nothing as you prefer.

A stocking fetish lets you appreciate the pretty, lacy loveliness of women's lingerie in full. Stockings look elegant and sophisticated and give a woman the kind of glamour that was much more common in years gone by.

A stocking fetish means you love the way you can peek at the lacy tops of her stockings when she sits down in a skirt or dress, the bottom edge sliding up ever so daintily to let you see. It drives you crazy when you stroke her thigh and reach the top to feel skin, opening up the way to her hot pussy between her legs.

black lingerie fits perfect to the black stockings
Fulfill your desires for stockings.

Stockings are like the frame that makes everything you love about a woman even more beautiful. Sharing your stocking fetish with lucky ladies is a sure thing when you look for partners online.

Online is your Answer

Pantyhose fetish or stocking fetish – at Badults you'll find sexy, willing women who are more than willing to indulge your preferences. In fact, they love it too! Once you post a free profile and then an ad, you can talk about your pantyhose fetish knowing there are women waiting to hear from you.

You can browse through pictures and video clips to excite and titillate your pantyhose fetish and you'll be able to screen your replies to see what you can touch later when you meet. When you have chosen a few likely ladies, you can arrange to chat online first to make sure you both know what will be expected.

Chatting alone can be a sexy form of foreplay!

Does your pantyhose fetish include an appreciation for the beauty of women's feet? Do you love certain types of lingerie along with pantyhose or stockings? Whatever it is that you like, you can talk about it with women who understand just what you are looking for.

There's no denying that women's legs are beautiful and Badults lets you indulge your passion for pantyhose or stockings safely and discretely.

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