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Your pretty panty fetish

Panties... beautiful, lacy, delicate panties. Worn, aromatic, used panties. Peeking at panties under a skirt in public... or watching a lovely lady pull panties up – or down – a pair a long, shapely legs. You love what those panties cover, so naturally you love the panties too. Or, maybe your panty fetish involves wearing a pretty pair of satin panties yourself.

A man likes the panties of two girls
So many people love the look and the feeling of panties

They're soft, designed to look appealing and house the most exciting part of a woman. It's no surprise that you have a panty fetish – it's more of a surprise if you don't! As you grew up and your sexuality was in its budding stage, you caught a glimpse of them at home or at school. It's hard not to when young ladies wear short skirts. But your panty fetish is something you want to share with your partners, not pursue in a secretive way. In the past, that was hard to do. You might be able to persuade a high school sweetheart to let you sniff her panties – or wear them, as the case may be – but when you break up, you'd have to worry about the gossip. Previous generations just didn't understand sexuality very well and believed that to have a panty fetish or other kink was abnormal. It's wonderful that we live in an era in the modern world where we can talk about sexuality and fetishism and where we now understand that as long as it's not harming anyone, there is no “normal” when it comes to sexuality. And after all, what could be more innocent than a simple love of panties?

Going along vs. a true kink

Sharing your panty fetish with your girlfriends can be satisfying, it's true. But, it's also a hit and miss approach. Fetishism isn't really something you can just take up and be truly happy with. Sometimes, it's true, you may discover a hidden taste for fetish sex in yourself or a partner, but that's pretty rare. More often than not, it's a case of “going along with.” Your partner will let you indulge but really isn't all together cool with the idea. They're going along with your panty fetish for you – and that's a potential source of friction. In reality, your panty fetish is a big part of your sexuality. You shouldn't feel like it's an imposition just to explore it with the person you are involved with. If your taste is more for one night stands than girlfriends or any long term relationship arrangements, the problem lies in finding willing partners at all. Your panty fetish may end up being something you indulge in secretively or not very often at all. There's probably no better way of freaking out your barroom hook-up than by mentioning fetishes on the way to your place! And, even in today's world, in some cases your professional reputation can suffer if it becomes well known that you have a panty fetish – as harmless a kink as it is.

Finding fetish partners online

You just know there are willing partners out there – it's finding them that's the challenge. Finding your panty fetish partner – or willing partners for all fetishes – online is the solution. That's where Badults comes into the picture, offering a free profile and a large community of sexually open members just waiting for you to discover. Online, you can be completely honest about your panty fetish and any other desires. You can post an ad and be specific about what you want from the experience. In fact, the more honest you are, the better results you'll get. You'll attract those partners who know what you like and understand it – and they're more than willing to give you the experience you're looking for.

Join the fun

Whether you enjoy watching ladies wearing or taking off panties, wearing them yourself, or you simply love the panties themselves, you'll find it's not an uncommon fetish and one where you'll find lots of choices. Once you post an ad, you can screen the replies. You'll be able to view images and video in some cases and chat online first so you'll know whether they share your particular panty fetish. Chatting may even become a big part of your panty fetish experience. The sky's the limit when you have the freedom to explore your panty fetish in a welcoming environment. That's what you'll find online at Badults. The open atmosphere is combined with discretion so you only need reveal as much about yourself as you like and you won't have to worry about gossip.

Man caressing the girls panty
Someone in your area has the same fetish find them

Fulfill your sexuality

Once you're in the groove, you can explore your panty fetish as much as you like. Maybe a camera can add to your panty fetish fun – letting you make images of what turns you on so much to enjoy over and over. With willing partners in kink, you can fulfill your panty fetish fantasies and not have to waste a moment worrying about what they'll say at the water cooler at work. Finding fetish partners online is the modern solution to an age-old problem of how to be sexually satisfied when your sexual tastes are outside the norm. And really, nowadays, who can say what “normal” truly is? Your panty fetish is just a sexy expression of you and it's a great time to explore it.

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