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Foot fetish in the modern world

You see them all the time, everywhere. Walking down the street. In the elevator. At work. In the clubs. In Nanna and Pop's day, it was considered indecent to show your ankles. Feet were always covered up and if you had a foot fetish, you had to settle for pictures most of the time.

Man kissing the foot of a girl
Online dating makes it easier to find another foot fetish lover

In our contemporary world, modern fashions include many open toed shoe designs, so there they are, everywhere you look: beautiful feet. In today's world, women pay a lot of attention to their feet, with pedicures and painted toenails. If you love pretty feet, it's a great time to be alive. If you have a foot fetish, it can be wonderful, but it can also border on pure torture. Now, we may no longer live in Nanna and Pop's day or generations past where fetishism and sexuality in general were poorly understood. Fetishes were considered degenerate behaviour and so of a necessity, if you had a foot fetish you kept that knowledge under wraps.

The Conundrum

In today's society, we can openly discuss sexuality and fetishes are accepted as part of your individuality. But still... you can't just walk up to the next beautiful pair of feet you see and ask the woman who is attached to them if you can fondle them or have a sniff. So, you get to look but you don't very often get to touch – and that's what your foot fetish really needs. When you have a foot fetish or a desire for other type of fetish sex, the dating world can be a bit of a juggling act. If you're looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, then it becomes that awkward question you have to ask at just the right time – before you get too involved, but not so early on that you raise red flags for your sweetie. Sure, you did find that one girlfriend in uni who really got into it and learned to love it when you took her shoes off, massaged and licked her feet. It worked great between you... until it didn't and she told all her friends about your foot fetish after you broke up.

Getting what you want and need

Why should you have to pay for a normal and harmless fetish that's really just about appreciating the human form – and getting turned on by it too?! And wouldn't it be nice to get the whole foot fetish question over with from the beginning? If a one night stand or casual dating is more your thing, then finding a foot fetish partner can be even more challenging. That awkward question becomes something you have to go into over and over and over. You may even find a few casual hook ups who will let you get sexual with their feet but why settle for a hit and miss approach and half-baked enthusiasm when you can have a real partner in your kink? They are out there waiting for you at Badults, an online adult dating community. Finding foot fetish partners online is the modern solution to the problem of how to get your fix of feet. It's a discrete environment where you won't have to ever think about gossip or any backlash from people whose morality never entered the 21st century.

Advantage: Online

Online, you are part of a fetish friendly community. You can post a profile for free and browse thousands of others. When you post an ad, you can be perfectly up front about your foot fetish and exactly how you like to see it played out. There are many variations to the foot fetish, after all. You may like to fondle and kiss and massage with oil. You may like to be trampled. It may involve sex or it may involve watching. Whatever you want from the experience, you can be as detailed and specific as you like and in fact, it's the best way to make sure you attract the right replies. You'll find that it's a pretty common fetish and there are lots of foot fetish enthusiasts out there to choose from. When the replies come in, you can check out profiles, pics and sometimes video. You can chat online to be sure it's the right chemistry before you meet in person.

Man admiring the beautiful leg and foot of a girl

Fulfill your fantasies

Now that you've got the freedom to explore, you can take your foot fetish fantasies as far as you can imagine. Cover a beautiful pair of feet in honey and lick it off... or find a honey who will strap on her sky high heels to tease you and please you with her feet all night long. There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons that make up each of those pretty, shapely feet you adore. Why not explore all the ways feet can turn you on? There are plenty of partners out there who would love to let you use their feet in any way you like and you can find them online, where discretion and a big dating pool make it easy to find fulfilling foot fetish experiences. A happy sex life is essential to a fulfilling lifestyle overall and there's no reason why you can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to indulging your foot fetish dreams.

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