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Move Over Feet, There's A New Fetish In Town: Men Who Love Findom

A very wise man once said, everything in this world is about sex. Except for sex. Sex is about power. And who understands this better than men who secretly crave a woman who understand financial domination?

Money mistress enjoying the smell of money
Hundreds of femme doms would love to turn you into a paypig

Fetishes are the most interesting of erotic edges to play under and anyone who has a fetish will tell you that, surprisingly, more of us are turned on by seemingly innocuous things than we would guess. It's not only that a financial domination fetish is hidden, it's also quite common. But one of the most seizing and powerful turn-ons for men that's really starting to become more and more commonplace is financial domination.

What's the allure and why are men willing to be the money slave of their dom? There is something very erotic about a traditionally male sphere now being taken over by women. Men who identify themselves as subs love to find women who will dominate them in various ways. This could include bondage, a latex fetish and sexual gratification. Because it was difficult to find a willing dominatrix for financial domination, many of these men would simply keep their desires and fantasies under wraps. But now, men are finding a new space online at Badults. This new website allows members to sign up and, within a few minutes, begin to connect, discreetly and safely, with a new brand of domination: financial domination or findom, for short.

An inclusive community and hundreds of local profiles of sexy women who are into financial domination await all new members. They soon discover that their fetishes don't need to stay hidden. Badults helps its members find each other and broaden their sexual horizons. Register now and start embracing your erotic edges.

What is it about a findom fetish that captures a man's imagination?

This is one of the most powerful fetishes that also involves domination because the presence of money is so alluring and meaningful to our everyday lives. Financial domination is not simply a fetish reserved for the bedroom. A man who relishes being a money pig knows that he's always at the mercy of his findom woman. Money pervades all our lives on an everyday basis but, for the man who craves a financial dominatrix, the place and meaning of money is wrapped up with power. When it's used by a woman who is also into financial domination, this becomes a special kind of relationship and a power dynamic is set up between the two.

Traditionally, men rule the world of money. They not only take home more, they have the ability and capacity to demand more and expect greater increases in their income more frequently. Men who love findom may even be those kinds of guys: powerful earners in the boardroom. And yet, in the bedroom, they are forced to be a money slave, to hand over their power, in a willing way, to their female doms.

This kind of hold that a woman can have over a man, in their most powerful sphere as their earnings, is such an incredible turn-on to men who are submissive and find it so sexually attractive when a woman can exert her domination over him. She can be a high earner herself or simply have a personal magnetism to her that can command a weaker, more submissive male into being a paypig. The knowledge itself is enough to turn these men on.

Findom woman holding a whip
Badults lets you explore your fantasies in a safe and discreet environment

How can men explore their findom fantasies?

Sub men who have findom fetishes are quite unique. They don't just want a femme dom who is going to withhold their sexual gratification and command them in their bedroom. They want the act of domination to be so total and complete that it extends to the financial security. They like to feel the threat of it and they relish the way that their doms hold such power over an everyday thing like money. Being a money slave brings their fetish into their ordinary lives and this kind of powerful is very persuasive.

To say that men subs who have findom fetishes are relatively "new" is not entirely true. Men have wanted to be dominated and ruled over women in this way for many years now but this is the first time that they're able to find women locally so easily. You can't very well go into a bar or pub and just advertise your sexual preferences and predilections. It's not only that secrets are so erotic but also men subs may approach women who are themselves financially powerful but have no interest in dominating the men they're in a relationship with. They may even enjoy being submissive themselves. And they could judge a man who is submissive, if he ever "comes out" with this fantasy and they just don't share it. When men subs sign up for online sites like Badults, they're able to explore their fantasies in a safe and discreet environment, night after night.

Imagine going to a venue that was made just for men who love findom. Being on Badults and hooking up with sexy, powerful femme doms is exactly like that. And the connection goes both ways. Hundreds of sexy, local women are dreaming of finding a male sub. When they're on Badults, though, they can stop dreaming and start hooking up.

Financial Domination is A Fetish Here to Stay and Play

Men subs who seek financial domination by women will tell you: there's nothing quite like having their sexual gratification controlled so completely by their doms. Finding another person who will not only understand the intimate and often taboo nature of their fetish, and bring them to pleasure is of course a total turn-on and can be a hard thing to find. But they will also say that there's more to it than that: it's all about finding a person who you can connect with and who will understand you, who you can have in your life and who will understand what your desires are based on and how to tweak those desires ever so slightly to produce a powerful sexual frissance. Yes, engaging in findom play can help men subs explore their own fantasies and indulge, in a healthy way, the multiple aspects of their own personalities.

If women are complex creatures then, without a doubt, men are as well. They're just better at keeping it hidden and out of the public sphere. On Badults, however, the line between the personal and public doesn't exist: here is a space in which men who are subs can mention exactly what they're looking for. Whether it's a particular kind of femme dom that they are seeking or a particular kind of fetish they want to engage in, they can browse hundreds of profiles instantly.

Male subs who love findom can start chatting with potential hookups and, if they find the right match, the two can take it to the next level. Badults is a safe and inclusive space where desires are explored and connections multiplied. So what are you waiting for? Register online now and start to embrace your findom fetish tonight!

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