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Explore Your Erotic Side With an Armpit Fetish

The armpit is one of the human body’s most sensual areas, which is an armpit fetish is shared by millions of people around the world. Armpits have an intense aroma that, for some people, stimulates their sexual desires, sending them wild with an animal passion.

brunette licking her armpit
Many people would love to try armpit licking

They just can’t resist the urge to place their nose or tongue against the hairs and pores of their partner, soaking up the smell and moisture of the armpit. That might be because armpits are the source of sex hormones, which are found in the person’s sweat.

Our desires and urges are largely the product of hormones – or more specifically pheromones – which turn on our brains and sexual organs, signalling to our bodies that it’s time to find a sexual partner. With an armpit fetish, you can access a mainline to the most powerful, arousing pheromones. These chemicals should be familiar to most of us.

After all, they are blended into the world’s most successful perfumes to enhance their arousing properties. They are the buttons that turn on our sexual organs, turning us from boring robots into insatiable sexual explorers – and with an armpit fetish you can tap into the most potent pheromone source there is.

Armpit Fetish Fans Are Everywhere - and it's Totally Natural

sexy lady showing her armpit
There's a sexual urge impossible to held back.

Everyone’s armpit is different, making an armpit fetish varied and exciting. For people who really get into an armpit fetish, people’s smells and tastes can be assessed like fine whiskeys or wines.

Each one is conditioned by the lifestyle of the individual, their diet, exercise, clothing – making a completely unique, beguiling package that turns some people on. Although we don’t always realise this, smell is one of the most powerful ways that people connect to each other sexually.

Our bodies have evolved to recognise sexual partners by their scent, providing a familiar marker that we use to sniff them out. That’s why many people with this fetish find old work shirts or the smell of used underwear to be so irresistible.

They contain the essence of their partner, and it draws them on to a sexual urge that cannot be held back. If that sounds like you, you may well have an armpit fetish without even knowing it, so search through the online sex profiles in your area and find someone who will let you snuggle up under the shoulder for the most intense session of sexual arousal you have ever experienced.

Could You Have an Armpit Fetish?

There is nothing artificial or unusual about an armpit fetish. For millions of years, animals have been sniffing each other’s pheromone sources, getting to know each other and giving each other pleasure.

Kissing and licking a lover’s armpit is no different to French kissing or oral sex – so why not give it a try? There is nothing to be worried or ashamed about.

There are many different types of armpit fantasies, and the possibilities for sexual experimentation are endless, so dive in and find an expert who can show you the ropes.

All across Australia, there are people who share your love of armpit hair, sweat and natural aromas, and they will be only too happy to take you to their bosom and hold you under their shoulder as you breathe in their scent.

Why not start by kissing your partner’s armpit? Nibble them, caress them and then launch into a frenzy, soaking up every last molecule of their sweat. Then taste their armpits – explore the different corners of the hollow there, with its unique arrangement of sweat pores and hairs.

You could even try forms of intercourse involving the armpit, if your partner is turned on by it. The important thing is to experiment with your armpit fetish. By going online, you can find liberated people with the same kinky desires that you have, making it easy to find an armpit fetish lover anywhere in Australia.

Liberate Your True Sexual Self by Going Online

Many people go through life with the sense that they are missing out. For some people, it feels like they are suppressing their natural selves, and forcing their personalities down a certain route, a conventional route that avoids stress and risks.

Don’t be like that. With the internet and sexual liberation, you can unleash your real sexual side and be who you were meant to be. That’s why many sex experts recommend hooking up online and trying out such sexual fetishes.

In the past, “hircusophilism” (a passion for underarm hair) was seen as a problem. Nowadays, it is seen as a chance to be yourself, and liberate your body from the prison of sexual normality.

These days, there is absolutely no need to stick to a conventional sexual relationship, and the full spectrum of human desire is available to everyone, including a passionate armpit fetish. However, you won’t meet fetishists at a local bar.

The best way to find them is by logging on, creating a profile and chatting on sites like Badults. The rest will be easy.

Attractive red haired woman with a little armpit hair
Find local armpit fetish lovers on Badults.

Find Armpit Fetish Fans All Across Australia

If you have an armpit fetish but are afraid to ask partners whether they share your passion, now is the time to explore online hook-ups. If you have never tried armpit licking, or you are curious about exploring human smells, going online is the answer.

You’ll be amazed by how many people in your city are attracted to the same type of fetish – people just like you. From Sydney to Darwin, the towns and cities of the country are full of normal people who want the powerful connection that armpits provide.

There are also some hardcore armpit fetish lovers who know the ropes and love to initiate beginners. Many of them are experts in making their scents as powerful as possible, and will do what is necessary to give you the most memorable experience possible.

So seek them out, talk to them and meet up – your sexual paradise is a few clicks away!

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