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Fantastic Reasons to Enjoy Period Sex

For most people, sex during a woman's period forbidden and off-limits. In some cultures, it's a no go zone. But if you're both comfortable with it, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn't limit your fun times to only certain days of the month.

Sexy blonde in bed with period cramps
Period sex reduces the pain and leaves you feeling better immediately!

Deciding to have period sec requires an open mind and a certain amount of comfort. If you've never had period sex before, there are a few things you would want to keep in mind.

First, menstruation is normal, and there's nothing unclean about it. What's more, having sex during this time could help alleviate the pain and cramps.

Wondering if having period sex is a good idea?

Here are some reasons why you should try it.

#1 Reduced Cramping Pain

Cramps can be a nightmare to any women, leading to frequent mood swings and more pain.

Want to know the best part? Having sex during your period releases the good feel hormones which reduces the pain and leaves you feeling better immediately.

The next time you experience some heavy cramping, just hop on your significant other and enjoy the moment.

#2 Experiment With Something New

Having sex at the same time in the same position can get boring. If you're looking for a way to spice up your love life, you may want to try out period sex. This is not something you may be used to as a couple, so you're guaranteed to get the thrill of experimenting with something new.

#3 Stress Reduction

Having a long day at work with cramps and mood swings can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Engaging in sex is a great way to de-stress, enhance desire, and increase your natural happiness levels.

#4 Boost Your Immune System

Research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found out that individuals who had sex frequently had higher levels of particular antibodies compared to those who had no sex.

Having sex during your period releases antigens like immunoglobin A which helps to fight cold and flu. This means that the more sex you have, the more antigens are released into your body and the healthier you'll get.

#5 Improved Sleep

Period pains tend to disrupt sleep and cause restless nights. If this is you, then you might have another reason to get freaky.

The hormone (prolactin) which is responsible for relaxation and feeling of sleepiness after sex is released.

#6 Feels Much Better

If no other reason convinces you to have sex on your period, this one should. During your period, there's increased blood flow because of the cramping and the expulsion.

Increased blood flow means that nerve endings are pumped to the maximum and are extra sensitive. This makes sex more intense and enjoyable.

couple getting intimate for some period sex
Period sex allows you to feel comfortable around your partner.

#7 Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Having sex on your period is not something you just do with anyone. It's something you only do with someone you're closely attached to.

Period sex allows you to feel comfortable around your partner and this is a great way to bond with your partner.

You don't have to keep this element out of your relationship simply because there's a minor monthly visitor.

#8 Shorten Your Period

Every time you orgasm, your uterine lining sheds off faster compared to when you're not having any sex. The more orgasms you have, the more you're likely to cut down the length of your periods.

The contractions your uterus makes as you orgasm pushes everything out faster, allowing you to enjoy more time period free.

#9 Headaches Fade Away

Whether you are on your period or not, sex acts as a natural pain reliever. Headaches tend to worsen when you're having your period and this can worsen things.

This can affect your mood and energy levels. Period sex helps to alleviate that pesky headache.

#10 Go Lube Free

Applying lube every time you're planning to have sex can be exhausting and annoying. While period sex can be a bit messy, it can also be beneficial for the act itself.

Periods provide a natural lubrication, meaning that you don't have to struggle with the issue of dryness ever again.

#11 Reduce Your Risk of Contracting Cancer

An Australian study published showed that men who had sex on a regular basis had reduced chances of developing prostate cancer.

As a man, you can now enjoy period sex knowing its health benefits.

#12 Create Powerful Pelvic Muscles

Sex not only works your core muscles, it also works out your pelvic muscles. Creating strong pelvic muscles means that you get to have better orgasms.

Pelvic floor exercises can also be beneficial if you're a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence.

#13 Regulate Your Cycle

A new finding suggests that having your period can regulate your cycle. This is because the hormones men release.

#14 Lower Blood Pressure

A study conducted by the University of Paisley discovered that sex reduces diastolic blood pressure significantly, Period sex is an excellent way to ensure that you're healthy all around.

#15 It's Perfectly Normal

You may have been taught or brought up to believe that period is dirty and embarrassing. However, your period is just part of your normal body functions. If you'd like to challenge this belief, then try some period sex.

You'll realize that there's nothing gross or weird about it.

naked legs of woman lying on the bed
Enjoy period sex knowing its health benefits!

Moreover, you get to continue with your normal routine where you're on your cycle or not.

#16 Lengthen Your Life

The ultimate culmination of these amazing benefits of period sex has on your health and mind is that it will add years to your life span.

A study published in the British Medical Journal found out that male participants who regularly had sex lived twice as long compared to those who got no action.

Moreover, sex could make you appear ten years younger, this is according to a Scottish researcher at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

While sex on your period can be a bit messy, the benefits outweigh any disadvantages.

Do not forget to use protection as infections could easily spread. As one person said. "Life is too short to not have sex for a week every month."

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