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Are Big Muscles Important When Trying to Pick Up Women?

There is a general misconception that all women are attracted to guys with big muscles. While a muscular body is often attractive, not all women prefer a ripped physique. In fact, some women hate it.

muscular man trying to impress a lady
A great body can attract the attention, but won't be enough.

Women looking for men don’t judge their suitability by how big their biceps are; they rely on a range of different factors. Yes, a great body can attract the attention of some women, but a six-pack alone is never enough to win a girl’s affections.

The truth is that there are many issues that are more important to women than muscles. OK, so being fit and strong is an indication of a healthy lifestyle, but your bulk will only get you so far.

There are several things you need to focus on before you get too hung up about the size of your muscles:


Most women will regard passion as a far more important trait than muscles — unless they’re looking for a fuck friend.

If you’re passionate about yourself, the women in your life and life generally, this goes a long way to impressing a lady.


A lot of women go for guys who are comfortable in their own skin. Confidence is usually a very attractive personality trait, as it often coincides with power and dominance.

However, there’s always a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so learn how to control your self-confidence and make it a force for good.


Your body will speak for itself, so don’t boast about it. Instead, allow your self-confidence to manifest itself through humour and self-deprecation.

You Have a Strong Moral Compass

Many women are impressed by a man who has a strong sense of right and wrong. Men who lead by example and instil their moral values in others are often very attractive to older women.

Taking the lead on moral issues is far more important than developing a great set of abs.


While you don’t need to be Albert Einstein to be popular with the ladies, possessing the ability to hold a conversation is a must. Stay abreast of current affairs, and don’t be afraid to offer your opinions and advice on certain issues.

Brain power is far more important than core-body power.

PRO TIP - Don't Over Do It!:

Don’t try to outwit the woman you’re trying to impress, and never go overboard with demonstrations of your intelligence — or you’ll come across as arrogant and irritating.

Mental Strength

Your ability to stand strong in a metaphoric sense is far more important than the strength of your muscles. A lot of women like to know that their man can remain strong and defiant in the face of the most challenging of circumstances.

athletic sexy man with naked torso
Good sense of humor plus a great set of abs is a real whole package!

If you have enough mental strength for both of you, there’s a very good chance you’ll impress the lady you have your eye on.


You could be Mr Universe, but if you can’t treat women with dignity and respect, your huge muscles will get you nowhere.

Having manners doesn’t mean being polite or opening doors for women; it means knowing how to communicate in a civil and respectful manner. If you aren’t doing this, no amount of time in the gym will make up for it.


Manners cost nothing, but a gym membership costs a small fortune these days.

Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Men with Big Muscles

- Weird Body Proportions -

There are many issues women regard as more important than big muscles. But it’s worth remembering that many women simply don’t like ripped bodies.

Why is this? Well, there are several reasons. For instance, if a man is so big that his body looks out of proportion, this can be a real turn-off. While you might be proud of the biceps you’ve been working on for so long, they may look ridiculous if you haven’t spent as much time on your chest and abs.

PRO TIP - Pay Attention!

A lot of women like a healthy, well balanced body with normal proportions. If you’re going to work out, pay attention to all of the major muscle groups. Alternatively, be yourself!

- Men Replace Personality with Muscles -

Men who lack in self-esteem or are guarded with their personality often make up for it by piling on the muscle. However, no amount of muscles will ever make up for an engaging and warm personality.

Many women will form an instant opinion about a man who is packing serious muscle — and the opinion isn’t always favourable. Too many men believe that women are only attracted to men who look a certain way, but character traits such as a good sense of humour and intelligence are far more important.

- Big Muscles can be Intimidating -

A lot of men develop their body in order to feel powerful and confident. They often exude this power by strutting around with their top off. However, for some women, this display of strength and bravado can be seriously intimidating.

Do you really want a woman’s first impression of you to be one of fear and intimidation?

If you have muscles, don’t use them as weapons. If you don’t, you’ll simply have to rely on your dazzling wit and personality!

- The Difference in Size is Just Too Big -

Men who pump themselves up are creating a large and dominant frame. This could mean that smaller women feel a little silly and self-conscious when they stand next to these men.

A 20-stone bodybuilder is going to look very odd with his arm around a 7-stone woman with a tiny frame.

So, do men really need muscles in order to impress women?

The simple answer is NO, of course not. Only shallow women or those looking for a solely sexual relationship would ever choose a man based on muscles.

Of course, a great physique is always a nice thing to have, but it will only ever get you so far. If you’re dull, disrespectful or just plain nasty, there aren’t enough muscles in the World to get you the women you want.


Being kind, generous, respectful and healthy are the keys to picking up women. Muscles add to the package, but they won’t work on their own.

strong, good-looking man in bed with his girlfriend on top
She wants to know that you are more than a toned body.

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