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A Simple Guide to Dating Rich Girls

beautiful rich girl with a drinkIn theory, rich girls should be easy to date. Not having any financial worries, they probably won't put pressure on you to earn big bucks. With their connections and luxury tastes, they can also open doors to social and professional opportunities that can only be good, right? Here's the catch. Keeping rich girls happy isn't easy at all. In fact, it can sometimes be like riding a tiger. So here are some useful tips that should allow you to keep hold of your wealthy lover no matter how demanding she might be.

#1 Don't Try to be Someone You're Not

One of the temptations guys fall into when they date rich girls is trying to measure up to the friends, brothers and father of their partner. When you are constantly socializing with wealthy people, it's natural to want to compete and show them that you are just as good and worthy as they are. But it's not necessarily advisable. Your girlfriend wants you for who you are. She's attracted to you because your different, more authentic. That's why she's such a fox in bed. She doesn't want a carbon copy of her father. So stay grounded and remember who you are.

#2 Focus on Experiences, Not Possessions

It doesn't matter how rich your partner is, she will still want to see evidence of your affection. But here's the problem: giving gifts isn't always a possibility. The kind of possessions she is used to could well be out of your price range. Instead, concentrate on winning her with experiences. Show off your recipes, book city breaks to interesting places, organize parties - anything that enhances her life and shows something different to champagne, sports cars and expensive jewelry. She's seen all that. Now she wants something different - you.

#3 Don't Become Obsessed by Her Lifestyle

If you haven't ever had money, you can't understand how rich people hate to talk about it. Really wealthy people take money for granted. They don't care about mortgages, student debt and credit cards. They just focus on status symbols and social connections. So don't constantly talk about her father's yacht or the rent on her Downtown pad. She'll soon grow tired of money talk. She wants you for your personality and your body, and she'll be instantly turned off by a transparent social climber.

#4 Prepare Your Milf Defenses

Your wealthy girlfriend is probably a fox. But here's the crazy thing: her mom could be even hotter. Her dad may have earned millions in the real estate market or Wall Street, meaning that there's a good chance her mom is a total hottie. Imagine meeting her for the first time, dressed in her bikini, lounging by the pool and ready to flirt with anything that moves. She'll probably flirt with you too, so get ready to deal with her advances, unless you want to take on the challenge of dating a rich girl and her mom at the same time. In that case, good luck!

rich girl lying at the pool

#5 Never Feel Intimidated

When you are dating a rich girl, your professional life might not run smoothly. You could lose your job or your business might fail. When setbacks like that take place, don't react by becoming ashamed in front of her friends and parents. They've failed too. In fact, the super-rich often experience bankruptcies. They just know how to get over them and move on. If you show resilience and fighting spirit, they will see that you have what it takes. But never beg or ask for favors if you can avoid it.

#6 Maintain an Impressive Personal Appearance

Sure, you might not be able to compete with your girlfriend's stock portfolio or wallet full of credit cards, but you can maximize your other advantages. One way to keep hold of a wealthy partner is by paying close attention to your personal grooming. Keep a sharp haircut at all times and spend a little money on at least one smart-casual suit outfit and boots or shoes. Stay in shape too. Even cheaper suits can look dazzling on guys with impressive abs and well developed upper bodies, and working out hardly costs anything.

#7 Perfect Your Bedroom Technique

man in a suit impressing a wealthy girlThis could be the most important tip of all. When it comes down to it, wealthy women are just like everyone else. They may have refined tastes in vacations, clothes or cocktails, but their sexual desires are as raw and limitless as the rest of us. If you can satisfy her in the bedroom, you'll be half way to keeping a rich girl happy. So find out what arouses her. Go down on her when she wants you to and take control if that's what she's into. It's a common mistake that ordinary guys fall into: rich women like guys to be assertive and confident in bed. They don't want them to be compliant and intimidated by their wealth and power. In the bedroom, everyone's equal. Don't forget that.

#8 Display Your Sensitive Side

If your girlfriend was brought up in a world of diamond-encrusted mirrors and caviar every evening you might be wondering: how can I ever compete with that kind of luxury? The answer is, you can't, but you can give her something her parents might not have provided. The thing about many rich families is that they can be cold and distant. They don't always find time for emotional connection. This is where your sensitive side comes into play. Now: you don't need to write bad love poetry. Just be attentive to her needs, buy the odd bouquet of flowers, shower her with kisses and be there for her. Basically, be a good human being. It's an underrated quality.

#9 Prepare Yourself for Breaking Up

Now for the sad part. No matter how hard you try to satisfy sexy rich girls, there's always a strong chance the relationship will fail. After all, girls like that have no shortage of guys queuing for their phone number, and many of them will have more money than you. In situations like that, it's vital to know when to quit. It could just be that you were a short flirtation, and she never really wanted to commit to you. In that case, forget about it. There are plenty more wealthy girls desperate to meet sensitive, sexy guys in the bars, clubs and online dating sites in your area.

Dating rich girls isn't always easy. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, a sexual minefield and a massive drain on your finances. But if you keep these tips in mind, you've got a great chance of making your unequal relationship work. Good luck!

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