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Some Like It Older: 6 Tips to Having Mind-Blowing Sex With An Older Guy

The best thing about being young and non-committed? The ability to have casual sex whenever you'd like. While being in a committed relationship has its own wonderful perks and rewards, playing the field with older men can be its own aphrodisiac.

Older man with young beautiful lady
Older guys love younger women who get creative in bed

Younger women are drawn to the charm, allure, chivalry and stability of an older guy. They know it and they love it. They use and here are 6 tips so you can use them right back -- in the best ways.

1. Know Your Body

You can be young at heart and in age and yet still be confident and knowledgeable about your body. For men, a woman who knows what she wants in the body of a 28 year old is like being bale to have your cake and eat it too.

Knowing your body means knowing exactly what you want, how you like it and enjoying the act just as much as he does.

It's something all older guys get off on -- being able to teach and please their younger gal -- so why not take advantage of his generous nature?

2. Don’t Divulge Too Much

First off all, you never want to get personal with people you're having casual sex with. This means no mentions of your life story, hopes and dreams. You don't want to keep conversation or emotion out of your arrangement but you do want to keep all chances that he's going to care for you in a personal way or nurture you down to a bare minimum. That's not what casual sex is about.

At the same time, you also want to play up an air of mystery. Sure, older guys love younger women because they are less guarded and more creative in bed but that doesn't mean he wants to hear about your friend drama. Keep it classy and don't be constantly spilling it.

3. Have Sex With Someone You Can Enjoy A Conversation With

Most likely, your older guy will have some incredible stories to tell and travels to share with you. And having casual sex with him does not mean you're not entitled to either foreplay or to laying down and just enjoying a conversation.

In fact, this kind of connection can make your time together even more personal and pleasurable. If you're the kind of woman who likes seeing an intellectual side to your partner, even if it's just casual, draw him out and take the time to communicate together. It'll be even hotter.

4. Be Well-Put-Together

Think of this not so much as a demand or expectation as it is a chance to simply raise your standards and keep them there. Being with an older man will require you to be on point and have your ducks in a row in more places in your life than just your appearance -- which is always a plus.

Being discreet and drama-free is also important to the connection. You may only be having casual sex a few times a week but there's no reason why you can't be a put-together woman who understands boundaries. It's a serious turn-on.

5. No Glove, No Love

This is an uncomfortable fact and it totally happens much more than it really should. Partially, it's because it can be really easy to get caught up in the moment. Partially it's because some older guys think that there are things they can get awya with when it comes to younger women.

It doesn't make them wrong or bad it just makes them men. So do yourself a favor and lay down the rules as quickly as possible. Namely, if they're not wrapping it up, they don't get to eat out. And it really doesn't matter how monogamous they insist they were before your encounter.

6. Let Him Spoil You

Yes, casual encounters should have as little external frills attached as possible. The whole point is that you both enjoy each other's ability to pleasure each other and don't need the expectations that come with more committed relationships.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the perks when they come -- and you should! Older guys are chivalrous and, if they're old-fashioned, lavishing gifts on a woman or taking care of her at least in some way, is completely par for the course.

Don't resist -- relish it! Even if you end the terms of your casual sex arrangement, nice gifts can make for wonderful memories.

When The Tables Are Turned

There's a lot of conventional wisdom that seems to think that younger women who have casual sex with older men are prone to get hurt, fall in love and generally make a mess of themselves. The idea is that they're less mature and so they have less control over their emotions while older guys have been around the block - and then some.

But the tables could very well be turned - it may be you who's able to be as cool as a cucumber and he's the one who can't get enough and is convinced you're the one. Older guys, depending on their age, might also be divorced so they would have been in love at some point. If they've felt it once, they'll definitely be able to recognize it again. Following these tips will help keep business and pleasure apart.

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