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Find sex in Canberra at the touch of a button

As the capital of Australia, Canberra has a rep for taking itself seriously. By night, however, it puts away its sober-sides image and gets partying, and if you head to the trendy areas around Garema Place and City Walk, you'll run into throngs of Canberra girls out in their glad rags.

Beaufiful Canberra girl in the beach
Hot girls are looking out for guys in Canberra

So yeah, Canberra's a great place to meet women, but it's even better if you smooth your way with online dating. Adult dating sites such as Badults put you on the fast track to getting laid by helping you learn which Canberra girls are in the mood for action and what their tastes are.

Think of it as Canberra's best pub or nightclub – up there with Academy or PJ O'Reilly's. Once you're a member you'll soon discover that the Canberra sex scene has got a whole lot to offer – fetish parties, decadent happenings, heavy petting in the back seats of town cars. Precisely because a lot of them have busy professional lives, Canberra girls really know how to let off steam and they aren't shy of telling a guy exactly what they want. Sure, there's a good chance you might run into them anyway over cocktails in one of the clubs along Northbourne Avenue, but why not take the quicker route and contact Canberra girls directly online for a night of mind-blowing sex?

Make Canberra the sex capital of Australia with online dating

As you'd expect with a city this cosmopolitan, Canberra sex covers the whole waterfront when it comes to the forms of pleasure on offer. If straightforward fucking is your thing, there's plenty of that going on, with lots of ties getting loosened during lunch breaks and pencil skirts being slid up to expose skimpy designer lingerie clinging to moist pussies - old-fashioned Aussie sex at its best! But people with more exotic tastes are catered for too – couples who like to welcome an extra partner or two to their bed, guys keen on dominating their partners with blindfold and handcuffs, kinksters who get a kick from dressing up (or stripping off) and playing games. Yep, those Canberra girls are up for anything – although chances are they won't admit that if you just come right out and ask them over drinks in an Irish pub. No, they need to be approached in the right way. Discreetly, with a quick message via an adult dating site, followed by a friendly webchat where a few ground rules can be laid down – then both parties can head off for their exciting Canberra sex rendezvous sure that they know exactly what to expect.

Alex recalls his Canberra sex experiences with Badults

Readhead with big breasts“I'm a university student in Canberra. I've dated some nice girls on campus, but I've always had a hankering to hook up with a sexy, dominant older woman. I thought it would forever remain a fantasy, but eventually, the desire became so powerful that I joined Badults. After a quick browse, I discovered Jessica, a redhead with amazing DD breasts. After a quick chat she invited me to hook up with her the following evening in a hotel room in the city centre.”

“My jaw dropped when she opened the door – there she was in full dominatrix regalia, her long legs clad in shiny boots and her boobs almost popping out of her leather corset. She gestured me inside, and within minutes I was stripped naked, standing there in front of her without a stitch of clothing on, my erection straining at the ceiling as she stroked it from root to throbbing tip with a lethal-looking riding crop. It would take a whole book to tell you everything that happened next, but let's just say I came to Canberra for an education, and that night I got one!”

Your gateway to Canberra sex

If you're looking for a casual encounter in Canberra, you can do it the old-fashioned way by hitting the nightclub areas of Civic and Manuka, or you can speed things up by going online and seeing who else is up for a bit of action. And when you use adult dating sites, not only do you lessen your chances of crashing and burning, you can also open up about exactly what kind of Canberra NSA sex you're looking for. If you've got secret desires you want to fulfil or some gymnastic sexual move you want to try out, Badults is a place where you can mention them without embarrassment, confident that there are hot Canberra girls out there just creaming themselves to make your dreams a reality. Even when the alcohol is flowing, it's not easy to work group sex or spit roasting into general conversation, but on adult dating sites you can – in fact, the more honest and direct you are about your proclivities, the more you'll get out of them. All you have to do is tap a few keys and all those alluring Canberra girls will be within easy reach.

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