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How I Fucked the shy Filipina

If you’ve ever worked at a country club, you’ll know the kind of things that happen there. While the members were out playing golf or riding their horses, us kitchen staff and cleaners would be raising hell, fucking like rabbits and generally having a great time. Sometimes it seemed like every new girl who came to work as a waitress was on her back in the bunker a few minutes after putting on her petticoat. It was something about the formality of the place. They wanted us all to put on the right face when members needed a scotch, but as soon as their backs were turned, everything changed.

shy filipina girl waiting for her sexual adventure

But it wasn’t always that way. Sometimes, people just wanted to get on with their job without scoring a blow-job in the pool house or a quick fuck in the towel cupboard. There were some girls there who just seemed too nice to join the fun – too classy perhaps, or just a little shy. That was the case with Maria, the Filipina girl, who every guy desired, but nobody could touch. At the time, I was into girls from other parts of the world. With online hook-up sites, I could indulge my passions, and I’d has everything from dates with African babes to Eastern Europeans and Latin Americans. But for some reason, I hadn’t yet had an Asian date, and certainly hadn’t had an all-night sex party with a Filipina nymphomaniac. As you can probably guess, that’s exactly what I was about to get.

Service With a Smile From my Asian Date

It was the night of a big summer party at the country club. Fireworks soared into the sky, members clapped sedately and gold karts hummed into the night, taking drunk rich guys into the woods with their dates. In between serving courses in the main hall, the kitchen staff swigged beer or came onto the waitresses – most of whom were too busy to feel them up or give them a suck, but it wasn’t unknown. Maria was juggling plates, pouring champagne with professional poise and dodging the roving hands of the cooks as she dropped off dirty plates and picked up the next course. She was a whirlwind of energy, and I noticed that tonight her tight black waitresses uniform was a few inches shorter than usual. Her heels were slightly higher too, and her make-up was a little bit more carefully applied. She looked stunning, even when she was being worked off her feet. As she passed by, I thought to hand her a glass of water, which she gulped down greedily. Our eyes met and she smiled, but it wasn’t her usual shy smile. This was flirtatious. Something had clicked in Maria’s mind. Maybe she had been using Asian date websites to find a man. After all, she was in her 20s, alone in a foreign country and has the same passions as everyone else. Perhaps she had suddenly felt the urge to have Aussie sex. I decided to give it a try, no matter what happened. By the end of the evening, party guests were strewn across the hall, snoring or mumbling to themselves. It was our job to get them on their feet and either into a room or into a cab. By coincidence, the night manager paired me with Maria. Maybe it was because of my strength and her beauty, which could raise the drunken men into consciousness. I preferred to pour icy water on them, which seemed to do the trick.

My Sweet Asian Girl Displays her Slutty Side for the First Time

Eventually, we packed off the last one. We went back into the hall, and there was no-one there. She looked at me, almost awkwardly. I wanted to make a move, but couldn’t. She was still so shy, respectable, innocent. But I knew she wanted it. We went into a side room to finish cleaning up. Suddenly, Maria lurched forwards, as if her heel had broken. Actually, she had slipped on a piece of fried chicken, leaving her bent over one of the tables. I came up behind her, asking if she was alright. “I’m fine,” she said, gently, “but wait.” She held me by the wrist and moved my hand expertly beneath her waitresses uniform. We didn’t speak as she made me remove her panties, slowly sliding them down her legs. Maria placed her hands on the table in front of her and I knew what she wanted me to do. After bottling it up all night, I was as hard as stone, fired up with desire for this beautiful Filipina who everybody had written off as shy and unapproachable. My cock approached her pussy and she moaned. We weren’t worried about discovery. All we worried about was each other, entwined and fucking like we’d never fucked before. The first time, my Asian date came quickly, and then again five minutes later. She had a natural ability to orgasm repeatedly, and struggled not to scream with pleasure every time. You could see that she loved being taken from behind, from the side, face to face. Every position was natural for her, but she still didn’t seem like a slut.

A Night that Changed her Forever

“Now, we fuck in the bunker?” She asked, half jokingly. She knew what the rest of us got up to, and wanted to share in the fun. “We don’t have to,” I said, stroking her hair and feeling her pussy gently opening as my erect cock sought her again. “No, let’s fuck outside, let’s fuck for the whole world to see.” I let her lead me outside. As we walked, she looked better than ever in her figure-hugging outfit. I wondered how I would ever control myself during an evening shift again. Her heels stamped across the seventeenth green, causing huge pitch marks, but I didn’t mind. As we collapsed onto the turf, we ripped up chunks with our hands and feet as my cock desperately sought her pussy. It was strange, but I thought briefly about the people who played that game and their obsession with holes. They probably never experienced anything like this. Eventually, it was over. Maria was just about spent, and the sun was threatening to rise. The shy Filipina from our events team had shown me another side to her character, and it had been the night of my life. My Asian date gathered her things and left. The next day, and every day after that, she wasn’t so shy about joining in the fun. But as I say to all of the new kitchen guys – I got there first. Or so she told me, anyway.

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