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How I Fucked the Exchange Student From Thailand

There's nothing quite like a sexy exchange student. With so much distance between them and home, and so many new people to meet, it just seems natural that girls on exchange programs should experiment with local guys.

horny thai girl relaxing on the red leather couch

That was certainly the case with Mia, an exchange student from Thailand who visited our university last year. All of the guys in class were obsessed making her their Asian date, and who wouldn’t be?With her terracotta coloured skin, her long brown hair and flirtatious smile, she could turn any of us on like a tap. But for most of her stay, she stayed aloof from us college guys. She seemed to have bigger game to hunt, and we were just an irritant. We fantasized about Mia searching the online casual encounters sites for guys looking for an Asian date. Some of us thought that she was looking for an Aussie to shack up with and stay after her exchange was over. I didn’t think so. She was a shark – sharp eyed, ruthless and after all of the excitement she could get. This girl wasn’t hunting long term commitment. She just wanted to leap into the sack when she felt like it with whoever wanted an Asian date. The trouble was, she didn’t like us.

How I Arranged an Asian Date With Mia

That’s when I stumbled across her online dating profile. I was new to casual encounters, but with term winding down and exams over, I was free to spend some time racking up the conquests. I was horny as only a guy who had spent two weeks in a library could be. Every woman drew my eyes. I started to visualize sex with everyone, so I knew what needed to be done. I searched around the site for girls with time on their hands. I fancied an all-day party, and some of my friends were on board as well. There were black girls, blondes, fat girls, athletes, plenty of cougars and – at the bottom of the first page of results – one of the most stunning Asian date profiles you could imagine. Yep, Mia was on the site, and on the prowl. I checked her profile – she’d had thousands of visits. Two of the guys thought up an idea. Why not both message her as local guys and try to steer the conversation towards a group orgy? Sure, an Asian date was fine, but now that the term was over and the beer was flowing, surely we could all have some fun. So that’s what we did. Mia was instantly keen. Her default attitude seemed to be fuck first, ask questions later. We had a lot in common. She liked what she saw when we showed her our muscles, and she wasn’t fussy about faces. She just said that she was bored with school and needed to fuck. Every day she tried to learn, she told us, and every day the words just drifted away. Her mind couldn’t get away from sex – dirty, endless sex.

The All-night Adventure Begins

She wasn’t joking. College life wasn’t her thing, but she’d been forced by her parents to go on the exchange. All she wanted to do was screw around and meet people for casual sex. When we met, she wasn’t surprised or annoyed. I guess she had actually taken a shine to us on the course, but she hadn’t felt confident enough to talk to us. This time, she was much bolder. This was her speciality. “Hi guys,” she coquettishly greeted us, “what a surprise. A big surprise. You guys better be able to fuck.” She was dressed to kill in a pink mini-dress and the sexiest heels you could imagine. Clearly she had been knocking out local guys who wanted an Asian date. How could you resist? Resistance was a long way from our minds. We suggested heading to our dorms, but she had other ideas. It turns out that her father in Thailand had rented a beach house near the university. Since her arrival, Mia had used it as a fucking pad, and not much else.“There’s no food in the house, but have some scotch” she offered, as she took me by the waist and kissed me. My friend was behind her, like a coiled spring, ready to leap at her. She smiled and kissed him too. “Let’s have some fun” she said, leading us both like zombies into her bedroom. The bed was massive – with room for three, four – even more people. I called up some friends and she nodded her head. Why not? I thought to myself. We all needed to unwind, and Mia wanted to get to know us better.

Anything was Possible

By this point we had practically torn Mia’s dress off and she was sitting on the bed wearing just her heels, sucking us off one after the other. While she sucked me, she had her hand on my friend’s cock, keeping us both rock hard and ready. A minute later, we were fucking her, one at either end, switching round every five minutes like a relay team. Soon a couple of other guys arrived, their faces lighting up as they entered the room. This was a dream for most of them – the hottest Thai girl in school in a group sex session where anything went. Mia pointed to a tube of lubricant and a drawer full of condoms. They knew what to do with both.I don’t know how, but we stayed all night. Mia had stamina that I had never seen before, and the determination to enjoy every last second of her exchange trip. I didn’t know it beforehand, but she was due to fly back the next day, and she clearly didn’t want to. She was just getting started on Aussie sex, and judging by her staying power, she could probably have fucked them all. That was the last I saw of Mia, although I’m pretty sure she can be found on Thai hook-up sites. She said that she might be studying for a doctorate in London or New York sometime. All I can say is that she already has all of the qualifications in fucking that any girl could need.

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