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My Sexy Adventure in Tokyo

One day my boss handed out envelopes to all of our team. We had just completed an arduous project that could decide the fate of our company. It had been a high pressure time, and we’d had our problems, but in the end we had done a great job. As we hoped, when we opened up the envelopes, we found a reward.

japanese manga girl writing in her diary about a sexy adventure

We were going to the head office in Tokyo for a corporate debrief and celebration. This was why I had signed up with a Japanese electronics firm ten years before – not the cheesy corporate song. They knew how to treat us properly. I didn’t know the half of it. A few days later, we were strapped into our plane seats and in the air. Our boss handed round a schedule – a few meetings, dinners at Tokyo’s finest Sushi joints and karaoke “special-style.” “What’s so special about it?” I asked him as he handed me the schedule. “I have no idea” he replied, “but I do know that the Japanese were very insistent that this was the main event.” So we started thinking about which U2 song to perform, or how to hide at the back of the room until the ordeal was over.

Showing off my Singing Skills to my Asian Date

When we walked the streets of Tokyo the next day, I remembered another thing about why I was attracted to the job. Japanese women had always excited me. It was something about their fashion sense, their poise, and a restraint that always suggested something hidden underneath. I had never slept with a Japanese girl, but I knew that I wanted to. Maybe it would happen tonight? My hopes were high when we bundled into our karaoke bar in the Ginza, where beautiful hostesses immediately came to take our coats and lead us to our private room. Another gorgeous young girl was in the room, dressed in a kind of sexy-secretary outfit to suit the corporate party vibe. She was the one who set up our songs, smiling and clapping enthusiastically as all of the guys struggled to take their eyes off her. Her name was Miko, and she was a fox alright. I was soon wailing my way through With or Without You, more drunk than I should have been, but horny as hell. A gaggle of hostesses arrived to clear our drinks, mingling flirtatiously with us as they did so. They were gone in a cloud of laughter. Miko looked at me, sensing my needs. “You like them?” she enquired, “you know, later, I can arrange…” I nodded, not caring what she was going to arrange. “Yes” I said “yes, please do.” She looked delighted, and went away, I presumed, to fix me up with an Asian date for the night.

The Sex Session Begins

Soon, the party was winding down and my workmates were spent. But I wasn’t. Something had made me hornier than ever, and my night wasn’t over. One of the Japanese bosses took me to one side, commending my singing and asking whether I wanted to continue drinking. He pulled out a picture of a beautiful middle aged woman. His wife, Marumi, he said. I nodded. She was completely naked. The next thing I knew, Miko was back and she took me by the arm. Everybody else had left. We sat in a private room and she ordered two bright blue drinks. She downed hers in an instant and looked at me expectantly. Naturally, did the same, and immediately felt drowsy. I didn’t even have time to wonder why the drink was drugged, but it must have been.When I woke, my Asian date had gone. I was alone in a bedroom, with the sound of waves crashing against rocks in the background.I was groggy and confused, but this hadn’t changed one thing. I was still rock hard. A doorbell rang, and a buzzer sounded and in walked Miko. But now she was dressed as a school girl, with high heeled shoes and a tiny grey plaited skirt. “You must be the father” she whispered into my ear, “understand?” she asked, as she took hold of my cock, massaging it expertly. I understood. It was almost as if people were watching us, but it didn’t seem awkward. All I wanted to do was fuck Miko in her uniform. “How bad have I been?” she asked me as I entered her. “Oh you’ve been a little bitch” I said, kissing her neck and diving deeper inside her, “a fucking little slut.” Miko was there to be punished, and I did. A few hours later, my sweet Asian date asked to be sent away to think about her sins and I walked with her to the door. When I got back, a delicious plate of freshly cooked Katsu curry was waiting. I couldn’t see anyone there, but I ate greedily.

Time to Fuck the Bosses' Wife

As I was finishing, my cock rose again. I had never been so physically aroused. Was it this strange situation, the food or this building itself? The buzzer sounded again and I looked up. I recognised the bosses’ wife immediately. She was dressed in a sluttty executive suit, with a briefcase in her hand. She flicked open the briefcase and pulled out some cuffs. “Put them on” she demanded. I did as she asked. Then she whispered to me, “You’ve been a bad boy, cooking the books. Now, you need to be punished.” From dispensing justice, to receiving it, in one day. I wasn’t asking questions – she was beautiful, and completely commanding. Before I knew it, a strap-on had been rammed into my face, my naughty Asian date was thrusting it in and out rhythmically while rubbing her crotch. Still dressed in the executive suit, she pulled out a fold-out riding whip and run it gently over my back, before raising it and bringing it down swiftly onto my skin. It was painful, but arousing in a way that I had never felt before. “You’ve been bad, bad, bad” she murmured, putting down the whip. “But I like bad boys.” I guess I had been promoted. Now, she lay back, undoing the cuffs and inspecting my throbbing dick. Her mouth closed around it hungrily, with a force that almost knocked me over. We fell onto the bed, her sucking at my cock and me twisting around so that I could go down on her.Eventually, she rose onto her knees, make-up running, panting. “Doggy”, she said, “Now!.” I didn’t need an invitation, mounting her furiously. It was as if I was in a trance. Everything Miko or the bosses’ wife said or did seemed to arouse me. I fucked like a piston, mercilessly, repeatedly. After what felt like hours, I had to sleep. Then I was awake. The room had changed again, and I was back at my hotel. When we left, everyone was given a bag of presents from the company. All of the others had the same array of gifts – badges, CDs with the company song, chocolates. I didn’t tell anyone, but my bag contained something else – a DVD case with Miko’s picture on it and the logo, “With Love From Your Asian Date In Japan.” This was one film the rest of the guys would never see.

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