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My Sexy Asian Neighbour

My sexy Asian neighbour must have moved in five years ago, but I hardly ever saw her for the first three years. I guess she just spent her time with her Australian husband, doing whatever married couples do. I didn’t socialise with the husband much – he was an oil engineer or something like that and was constantly away. If I spoke to him, we would pass the time of day or talk about sport..

asian woman waiting for her neighbour

One time, we were talking over the garden fence and I peeked into his conservatory. There she was, lying in a sun lounger, soaking up the rays. For the first time I realised exactly how hot she really was. That girl was smoking hot, and as she turned the pages of her magazine, my cock began to swell. Awkwardly, I said farewell to my neighbour and he went back to watering his roses. There was something artificial about their relationship. I was sure that she wasn’t getting any, or nowhere near enough. He was older, tired out from work all the time and surly. She needed someone with more dynamism and youth – someone who could give her the all-night banging that a woman of her age deserved. Naturally, that man was me, and I started to fantasize every day about hooking up with her. The problem was, she was married to someone else and I had never even been able to find out her name. It was infuriating. I was at work all day, when I guess she went to the stores or the gym. She must have been working out to maintain a figure like that. Even when I had a day off or at weekends, if I saw her, he was leading her by the hand and they got straight in his SUV.

It Felt Like Time to Arrange an Asian Date

It just wasn’t fair. I was having plenty of luck with my online hook-ups, sure, but I wanted her. I had never been on an Asian date before, but now I realised why some guys were so passionate about Asian women. She had me obsessing about her like a teenager over his first crush, and we had hardly spoken. That Christmas, I took a risk. I calculated that her husband wouldn’t even read the Christmas cards, but I thought that if a card came from me and I placed it in her hands, she would read it. I kept my message short – just the name of a hook-up site that I used and my profile name. If she was what I thought she was, she would know what to do. A few weeks later, I had my first Asian date and I was on the way to a passionate affair with my sexy Asian neighbour. Life was suddenly becoming very interesting. I knew that her husband had been called out to a distant drilling site and wouldn’t be back for a week. She had been waiting for just such an opportunity and as soon as his SUV had pulled out of the driveway, she was messaging me online, practically demanding that we meet.

The Asian Date Begins, and Quickly Turns Kinky

So we met up at a bar around the corner. She was dressed like never before – with the shortest possible mini dress and silver hooker heels. We kissed and I had a chance to look at her properly. She was better than I could ever imagine. Her face had a cute freshness about it that was an instant come-on. Her mouth turned up with a slutty curve towards one side and her eyes glittered with naughty desire. She had been thinking about this for months.I asked her what she wanted, and she made it clear that she needed sex. She had been starved of passion, physical contact and the games that went with it, but she had a filthy imagination. Her husband was set in his ways. “He’s a good provider,” she said, “but not where it counts” pointing down at my bulging crotch. After we downed a couple of drinks she stroked the inside of my leg with her toes, having shaken off her heels. Our eyes locked together and the deal was done. There is no turning back after you look a woman like that in the eyes. I was in. Within an hour of it starting, my first Asian date had turned into an affair with my sexy neighbour. It wasn’t how I’d planned it. I had hoped to take the initiative. I had thought that it would be essential, and that she would resist. She didn’t. I couldn’t. We were headed for my bed when she turned me towards her own front door. “That way” she pointed, gently turning my shoulders and kissing me on the lips. “It’s better that way.” I didn’t argue. It was the first time I had been in their home and I had no time to check out all of the furnishings. The door barely had time to slam shut before we were entangled on the couch. Her hair had become untied and was around her shoulders. She was on top of me, holding me down. “It’s time to fuck” she instructed me. I just held her and kissed her neck, in a sexual trance and ready for action.

A Night of Sex in my Neighbour's House

How could a guy keep a woman like this locked away, desperate for Aussie sex? She seemed to know every position and every technique. Her rhythm was incredible, keeping me going for as long as she needed before she moaned in pleasure, digging her fingers into my back. I lifted her up and fucked her against the wall, feeling like the structure could collapse. Then we stumbled into the kitchen. She bent over the stove, hands spread apart, legs wide open and I plunged upwards, deep inside her. The third time, we were in the marital bed. She was wearing a tiny tie-dyed negligee and sucked me off for over half an hour. I had the stamina of a marathon runner that night, coming back at her again and again, never giving up, never letting her relax. She loved every single second. I went back every day that week, risking an early return by her husband. After the first Asian date, I was hooked, and I explored the local Asian hotties to discover whether she was unusual. She was easily the hottest, but the competition was fierce. Now, whenever my neighbour goes away, she’s straight on the site. It might not be me all of the time, but it’s someone horny in the local area. And her husband doesn’t seem to suspect a thing.

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