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Approaching Women in Public: The Dos, the Dont's, and the Mistakes to Avoid.

Whether you try to talk to women as frequently as you can, or you avoid even the slightest eye contact, figuring out the right approach can feel impossible. Should you try to make her laugh? Should you try to connect with her?

guy approaching a sexy brunette
Have you figured out the right tactic for approaching women?

Perhaps an old fashioned compliment is the right introduction tactic? Let's face it, if you're trying to talk to a beautiful woman, these are just a few of the questions that are going to go through your mind.

Unfortunately, while these different scenarios might be flashing before your eyes, she may be walking away before you decide what to do. If you want to avoid this risk, then the following tips for successfully talking to a woman in public will change your life!

Keep in mind, nothing is guaranteed with women. Some may just not be in the mood to talk, and that's okay. However, that shouldn't stop you from trying your best. Chances are, you're going to succeed with at least a great conversation nine times out of ten.

And if you're lucky, you're going to meet a woman that's going to welcome you back to her apartment for a night cap (and possibly some amazing NSA sex afterward). If you're ready to gain confidence and learn which mistakes may have been preventing you from a great conversation in the past, then take a look at the advice below.

Be Straightforward: Say Hello

According to the majority of women, they simply want a man to approach them with a "hello". Being straightforward and continuing with a general topic to see how she responds will get you further than most other approaches.

Although it's important to be confident, try to avoid being cocky. The last thing you want to do is make her feel like her feelings do not matter. If it seems like she is giving you the cold shoulder, then don't push the situation.

Reading body language couldn't be more important, especially since every female is different. Some want to talk, some don't.

You might be wondering:

How do I read body language? If she's facing towards you, smiling, and even playfully tapping your shoulder, then she is most absolutely into the conversation. If she's facing away from you, giving you one-word answers, and not making eye contact, then you may want to move on.

Play it by ear and don't over-think; in most situations, you'll be able to tell if a female is interested in a conversation.

Capture Her Attention

Do you have a crazy story about a recent trip that you took? Or a tattoo that you regret getting? Keep your story short and sweet to capture and keep her attention from beginning to end. If she is smiling and facing her body toward you throughout, that's a sign that she is enjoying the conversation.

Pro tip: Avoid Cheesy Pickup Lines!

The vast majority of women do not care for these. There's no better way to interest a woman than by taking her attention away from everything else that's going on. Try to incorporate her into the conversation as well, by asking her questions about whether she can relate to the details.

For example, if you're talking about a tattoo, you can ask her if she has one as well.

Don't Intimidate Her

When you walk up to a woman in public, she won't want to be overwhelmed or intimidated.

Keep in mind:Every woman wants to feel secure, even if she is with a group of people. For this reason, it's incredibly important to keep your space, smile, and always read body language.

By giving her the space that she needs, you'll be far less likely to scare or intimate her.

2 sexy ladies talking back to a handsome man
Pay attention and you'll be able to tell if a female is interested!

Another excellent tip is to avoid touching her unless she is being playful with you. This is another time when reading body language will come in handy and make all the difference with how smooth your interaction goes.

Prepare Yourself with Conversation Topics

One of the best ways to prepare yourself to talk to a woman in public is by thinking about conversation topics ahead of time. After all, if you know you'll be able to talk about something that interests both of you, there won't be worries that you'll have to deal with awkward silence.

While discussing the weather is certainly a fallback that most people use, you can try other topics, such as: hobbies, sports, current events in the area, funny stories, or even cooking.

Pro tip: Find Common Ground with Her!

Whether this means both of you like a certain sport or you can relate to loving a certain movie, this will help the conversation flow. There is always something two people can relate to, so try to find it!

Ask Her a Question

Whether you ask her if she's there with anyone or if she's having a good time, a short and simple question is a great way to get the ball rolling. While it's alright to be funny, don't try to be cheesy.

By being yourself and asking a question such as: "How's the [insert food or drink] here?" or "Have you been to the restaurant around the corner?", you'll be able to discuss a topic that will likely lead to others. To determine what question to ask, simply think about where you are.

Whether in a bar, at a hardware store, or in a grocery store, there's always something you can ask to reach common ground. Remember: most women looking for men are willing to talk to them any time, so it's never a bad time to talk!

Are You Ready to Meet a Great Girl?

You can do it! Try talking to a woman in public just once using the tips above. You might be surprised that it's much easier than you think it will be. Whether you just say hi or ask her how the drinks are, you'll be building your confidence with every new woman that you talk with.


Things aren't always going to go smoothly. However, if you learn how to read body language, discuss topics that anyone can talk about, and try different techniques, it will get easier over time.

Don't give up, as the right woman is out there and may very well be willing to give you her number (or even go home with you).

lady shushing the guy for kissing him
Read her body language so you can understand what she wants.

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