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The Hot Punishment After Being Caught

A friend of mine used to go out with a school teacher. She was a nice girl, intelligent, passionate about her work, attractive but hardly slutty. I didn’t go for girls like that, but they seemed to get on well. Well, at least until my friend made a mistake when looking for affair dating online, and his girlfriend decided to give him the kinky punishment of his life. After that, she was a new woman.

Girl in lace lengerie holds on to her blanket

Here’s how it all happened. They had been going out for a few years. The sex was still good, but not as frequent as he would like. Her job seemed to leave her tired out, and sometimes she wouldn’t even let him touch her. If he’d known why, he might have called it off right then. But the relationship became more boring for him. He needed sex, and he began to explore the world of casual encounters. Starting off by picking up girls in bars, he soon had a kinky profile on a hook-up website. He was confident that his girlfriend wouldn’t find out. She didn’t seem to be the type to hang around online looking for casual sex. Boy, was he wrong.

My Friend Explores Affair Dating Online

After that, every week saw a new affair dating all kinds of women. There were threesomes, gangbangs, masked orgies, bondage sessions – things that he had never believed local people could get up to. Every Friday, he started to attend a group sex party downtown. It was brutal – bodies piled on top of each other, legs squirming, cocks pressing deep into women who wore masks, to intensify the thrill of penetration by strangers. Every week, he became a different man, leaping into the chaos of hammering bodies, before showering happily, putting on his work suit and catching the bus home. He always left early, but he wasn’t the first to leave. One guy at the party always left just before. He never got undressed and wore a kind of bowler hat. As far as my friend could tell, he just got off on oral pleasure, ramming his face deep between the legs of women at the party, or whipping them in between partners. He was like a ringleader, urging us all on, demanding that we tried harder. It wasn’t strange at all, just another sex-crazed guy who’d found happiness with affair dating online. Although he was always masked, his smile was wide, ecstatically happy. Life was going well.

How he Went From Stud to Teacher's Pet

My friend continued this lifestyle for a few weeks until, one day he had to pick up his girlfriend from school. It was parents evening, and the last couples were trudging home, shaking their heads and getting ready to lay into their sons or daughters for failing at school. His girlfriend told him to meet in the usual room in the English department, so he slipped in and sat at one of the front desks, waiting for her to come out of the staff room. She didn’t come immediately. Instead, the classroom door slammed shut and locked. The curtains were tightly drawn as well, and the lights shut off in an instant. He heard a cupboard door creak open, and turned, but found that his desk had been fitted with steel cuffs which automatically shut when he tried to move. Fear mingled with a kind of erotic excitement. Had his girlfriend prepared some sort of kinky affair dating orgy for them? Some candles flickered into life and shadows filled the room. “Hi”, a familiar voice said to him, “do you know why you’re here?” “Parents evening?” he gamely suggested. “Nope,” said the guy from the orgy parties, stroking the back of his head, “you’re here because you haven’t been making the grade, and it’s time for your punishment.” My friend was worried now. Perhaps this guy was a psychopath, and had planned out some sort of sacrifice. He began to sweat.

A Lesson in Punishment

“What the…” he tailed off as the man walked in front of him and straddled his lap. Ripping off the mask, he exposed his face – which was oddly similar to that of his girlfriend. “You’ve been a naughty, naughty boy” she whispered into his ear. “And now, you’ll be punished.”Desks tumbled onto the floor and a mattress was produced from the cupboard. She turned his chair around and pulled down his trousers so that everyone could see his cock flop miserably out into the candlelight. She gave him a little pad of paper and a black pen. “While these guys fuck my brains out, I want you to write a hundred times, ‘I must not be a filthy pathetic cuckold’” He started to comply as she lay down and stripped, exposing heels, sexy red satin underwear and a soaking wet pussy.The other shadows came out of the gloom, throwing off their robes. They were athletic young men – black and white – with throbbing, erect cocks and looks of hunger in their eyes. All of them looked at my friend, shaking their heads in mock sadness. “End of the road fat boy” one said, “you’re going down a grade now.”The next thing he knew, they were on top of her, underneath her, inside her. It was like one of his Friday orgies, but with professional porn stars working at their most brutal and merciless. These weren’t ordinary guys looking for an affair dating online – these were machines. She struggled to her knees, sucking off three of them a couple of feet from my friend’s face. “Make him suck it,” she commanded, and they turned to him. He just kept on writing. Only a few lines left… She was torn away and taken from behind, gasping and screaming in delight. A janitor from the school had crept in and was pulling off his clothing. A sweat soiled vest was thrown over my friend’s head and he couldn’t move his hands to remove it. This was hell, and yet, he was turned on.When the vest was removed, the robes were back on, and his girlfriend was standing on her high heels, covered in semen. She took him by the neck and kissed him passionately, rubbing her body against his clothes. “How did you like that baby?” she asked, seductively, “do you feel punished now, or are we going to have to continue?” He nodded his head, not sure whether he wanted more or just to go home.“Fridays are going to be different now” she said, as the guys she had been fucking gathered around him. “I’m going to have a whole lot more fun from now on, and you’re going to have to deal with it. Bitch.”She said the last word almost tenderly. He knew that the roles had been reversed. Now, they would do their affair dating as a team, inviting hot guys and girls back to their place. He didn’t know whether he would ever be able to dominate, or even feel like he used to, but he could see that she was liberated. She was hungry for sex again, and he loved it.

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