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The Time I Fucked the Daughter of my Boss

We’ve all had jobs that ended badly – and who hasn’t felt the urge to get their revenge after being given the shove? And wouldn’t it be even better if you managed to get your revenge by banging your bosses hot daughter?

Man squeezing the bosses daughter's ass

Of course it would, and I should know. Here’s how I had an affair dating with the daughter of my ex-boss. Revenge has never been sweeter.

My job was easy enough. We used to buy and redevelop coastal properties, adding a new bath, shifting the kitchens around a bit, lifting some garden stones and giving the yard a new look. It was hard work, but it paid well – when my boss could be bothered to pay us. He liked to give us our pay cash in hand, and we hardly complained. A little more for us, and less for the government never hurt anyone.

Showing off his Trophy Daughter

Every year, my boss would hold a Christmas party. As it was usually hot, we’d have a barbecue by the beach at one of his villas. The terrace would be full of half naked girls, guys clutching their tinnies and me looking off across the sea, bored out of my mind.

Until, that is, my bosses daughter would turn up. I only noticed her one time in the past. She had huge breasts, great posture, thick brown hair and the cutest face you could imagine. And she was also an insatiable flirt, which by boss hated.

At last year’s Christmas party, she was everywhere – dishing out sausage rolls, filling up glasses (hers was always being emptied). She knew that we couldn’t touch her, but we all wanted too. Some of us crunched our beer cans in frustration. She was something else.

But we kept our passions in check. Anyhow, we were all experienced with online dating sites, and the town wasn’t short of beautiful women looking for an affair dating online. I’d known plenty of them myself, when I wasn’t ripping out insulation and on my knees bolting down cheap carpets.

I hated the work. I’d curse my boss under my breath – but I was a hard worker, and we’d never had any trouble. That’s why I was so surprised when the week after Christmas, my boss gave me the sack. “Look,” he said, trying not to show his pleasure, “I saw the way you touched her at the party. And your work has been shit for months” (which wasn’t true).

Fuck him, I thought to myself, restraining my urge to violence. I could do without the lost income, and everything else that went with being laid off.Anyhow, I swallowed it, and made a promise to myself that the bosses daughter would swallow it too.

The question was, how to get in touch with her? I knew that her 21th birthday was just around the corner, and I’d seen her at the parties. She was desperate for older guys to have their way with her. Her smile was a come on, her breasts were in your face – she was begging for it. So I had a hunch that she would be on the online hook-up sites as soon as she turned 21.

Hooking up to get my Revenge

I was tired of having affair after affair dating women my age anyway. I wanted something younger, and I wanted her. Like a bolt into a timber frame, I wanted to pound her until she screamed. I didn’t want my boss to be able to show his innocent baby off at any more parties.

Her 21th birthday came around, and my hunch was right. On the first page of affairs dating results, there she was. She looked a little different in a French maid’s uniform and fuck-me boots, and her naked photos showed a side of her that I hadn’t been acquainted with, but it was her alright. I messaged her, and she came back straight away.

She recognised me from my photos, telling me that she had always had a crush on me. I wondered whether she knew 10 percent of what I wanted to do to her, but she seemed to be up for anything.

“I’ve been waiting to fuck my dad over for years,” she wrote. My pulse was through the ceiling, “the greedy fucker has always kept me locked away, except for those boring parties that he uses to torture his workers. Now, I want to get even.”

Mutual Revenge Tasted Even Sweeter

This was incredible. The bosses daughter hated her father almost as much as I did, and wanted to use sex to get back at him. Or she wanted to escape from him, and to do all of the things that she had fantasised about. I wasn’t choosy.

I just wanted to fuck her in every hole. We met by the beach house that had hosted the Christmas party and she let us in using her dad’s keys. It turns out that the house was intended to be used by her dad for a casual affair dating some local slut. He’d even installed a fucking machine and a bondage table in the back room, after I’d been sacked. He was dirtier that I had ever imagined, and his daughter took after him in every way.

We made love greedily, our mouths exploring every part of each other’s body. With a coolly calculated innocent gleam in her eye, she went down on me professionally, rhythmically and, it seemed, endlessly, ramming my cock into her throat. This was unreal.

By the time it came to fucking, I was a wild animal. This was what I was born for, not redeveloping waterfront properties. I was redeveloping the best piece of real estate in the city, from back to front.

She was moaning, gasping, screaming – “fuck me, fuck you daddy, fuck me – just fuck me” as I pushed her head into the couch and rammed harder, deeper.

My anger against her father was irrelevant. Now, I was just obsessed with his daughter – his innocent, cute 21 year old trophy daughter. She couldn’t get enough, and her cries echoed against the still unfinished ceiling of the beach house as the waves roared in a few yards away.

We fucked until the sunlight, and I left her on the couch – panting, exhausted, but smiling from cheek to cheek. I heard she moved out soon after that, and I can tell you confidentially that she isn’t the only bosses daughter I’ve encountered when looking for an affair dating online.

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