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A Bored Housewife waiting for her Liaison

Anyone who has ever spent time as a housewife knows it is pretty boring. If you happen to be a rich housewife, it's even more boring. I didn't learn this until after I was married. I don't want to say I married him just for the money, but not saying it doesn't really make it any less true. Now I spend my days stuck at home, watching TV and considering getting up once a day to tell the nanny to tell my kids that Mommy loves them. I'm not really sure if it's true but they don't need to know that. Anyway, I was pretty close to either leaving my husband or taking up affair dating before I figured out that a short term affair could be delivered right to my door. It all started with the health food store delivery guy.

woman cooking her meal in her short lingerie

It wasn't the first time he had made a delivery to the house but I normally let the maid handle it so I'd never really interacted with the guy. Anyway, one day, that lazy employee was nowhere to be found so I had to take the delivery myself. Now, I'd like to say the guy was built like an athlete with a face like Brad Pitt but the truth was he had a little bit of a belly and a chubby face. That said, I could tell from the way he moved and the way his trousers didn't that he was packing a serious trouser snake.

Seduction is all Part of the Challenge

Now in my younger days, I'd been known to play the field a little, but when your 21 and equipped with a tennis player's body, you don't really have to chase that hard. Now I was 39, still with a decent pair of tits and ass, even if I say so myself, but I figured a little in the way of seduction was required. 'Got something for me', I asked him, in what I'd hoped would come out as a husky, inviting tone but actually came through as more of a half cough. 'Excuse me, Mam' he said, either playing hard to get or genuinely confused by the noise that had just come from my mouth. Subtle didn't seem to be the way to go here, I soon realised. I undid the silk belt of my dressing gown and let the lingerie encased body underneath shine through. 'I asked if you had something for me' I repeated.The young man stared at my breast for what seemed like a long time, elongated ever further by the fact that his tongue seemed to be trapped in his throat and was slowly choking him. Obviously not hired to the health store for his sense of initiative then, I thought. 'I guess' he said, eventually. 'I'll take that as a yes' I replied.

Finally from Affair Dating Down to Business

I put the Dakari I had been holding down on the table next to me and strode forward. The young man tensed his shoulders and prepared for what he assumed was an incoming kiss. He eyes widened slightly when I got within kissing distance and immediately sank down to me knees. The cargo shorts he was wearing unzipped with little fuss and I was blowing him before he really know what was happening. As I knelt there, I thought about the new avenue that had just opened up for me. Affair dating was a fun thought but it was time consuming and came with risks. With the method currently occupying my mouth, I could get sex and a little game of seduction delivered to my house on a daily basis. I was drawn back from my reverie by the sounds and signs of my young delivery boy about to cum. I took him out of my mouth and let him come over my face. He seemed pleased. Probably his first load in an older woman's face. That's nice, I thought. Everybody wins.'That was amazing, Mam' he said. Mam, I thought. I used to hate the sound of it when it meant I had paste my young 'tween sex kitten' stage but now I kind of liked it. This Mam was about to get a whole lot more amazing and all from the comfort her own home. And to think, I had been letting the maid take the deliveries all this time

And so it Began

That first time with my health store boy was an appetizer compared to the kind of sessions I organized for myself in the following weeks. It turns out there are any number of reasons why you might have men calling to your home. I let the back yard attendant come in my ass, the satellite guy tried to tune in a signal on my nipples as I fucked him on my bedroom sofa, and the plumber went downstairs to check my...well, you get the idea. As I felt the washing machine guys dick thrusting through my tits, I thought about my husband and what he'd think of all this. The beauty of it was, it turned out not to be that hard keeping everything under wraps. The main obstacle I thought I'd have to overcome was keeping the maid from blabbing everything but it turns out, by a weird quirk of fate, that she had been fucking the health food store delivery guy was well, in my bedroom no less. So I very graciously offered not to fire her if she kept my secret. Things were a little frosty between us until we ended up getting drunk with the health store guy and having a threesome. Now we've made it a regular thing.All in all, I'm starting think this bored housewife thing could really be for me. Make no mistake though, affair dating is a full time job!

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