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Online Platformes Matched me with Several Men

An great adult match can be a beautiful thing. But I find that wading through some of the 'less desirables' out there can be just as interesting. My name is Beth and I was 26 when I first started using online platforms to find a good adult match.

Sexy redhead with more men

I manage a marketing department so I didn't have a lot of time. That said, I knew what I wanted, something quick, frilly and fun. I figured online platforms were a good way of going about getting it and so far, by and large, I've been proved right. However, they are not all winners, but I've found going at it with the right attitude can mean you get the most out of every experience. Today I wanted to tell you about a few of the times I really had to hold that philosophy in mind. A little about myself first. I'm 175cm tall, I'm blonde with tanned skin and I like to workout. Now I don’t mean my aim when I hit the gym my aim is to turn myself into a body-builder or a UFC fighter. I guess the right term for me is a fitness girl. I've got a slim waste, a flat stomach and a toned ass and legs, and trust me when I say, I earned every bit of it.

The eternal fratboy

So the first guy I wanted to tell you about today could best be described as the eternal frat boy. He smelt of beer when he arrived at the arranged meeting place, but he had a pretty upbeat personality so I said I'd go along with it. When I asked him where we were going to eat, he winked at me and said 'you'll see' conspiratorially. The conspiracy turned out to revolve around the fact that he was actually taking me to a local pizza place he had found. And not the 'candles and music' Italian style ones. I mean the ones with fluorescent lights and more of his frat boy mates. I tried hard not to roll my eyes but I was starving at that point so I thought 'fuck it'.

Time for a little game of jack

When we got our slices, he took me to sit at the table behind his pals and then proceeded to tell me a joke about a bear and a rabbit interacting in the woods. I realized this guys was not for me. That said, the one good thing I could say about him was that what you saw was what you got. There was no lying in him. So, to save the night for myself I decided to have a little fun. Just as the guy looked over my shoulder to share another joke with his pals, I reached under the table and put my hand down his sweatpants. Without preamble, I started to beat him off furiously, laughing inside at the look on his face as he tried to keep it straight while trying to finish his joke with his buddy. Just as he was coming to the punchline, he was also coming in his sweatpants. His friend didn't say anything for a while. 'Are you fucking with me, man' he eventually said to my date. I burst out laughing.I could tell from the way my date was looking at me now, that he thought what had just happened was a sign that we would be going home together. However, looking over my shoulder at his friend, I started to think of something even more fun. An hour later I was straddling his friend in the bathroom of the pizza place while he pumped away furiously underneath me. I'm not sure if my original date heard us cumming together or not, but he was gone by the time we both exited the bathroom with flushed faces and secret smiles. Not a bad adult match, all in all!

What wifey doesn't know

My next adult match had been going on for a grand total of thirty minutes before he told me he was married. I was shocked at first. He was really charming and it had been going well up until then. We had a really good connection. When I asked him why he was doing this, he said he didn't really believe in monogamy but that his wife had really wanted to get married to please her parents, so eventually he gave in. It made enough sense to me that I allowed to date to continue. The weird things was, I was the only one with a car so I offered to drive him. He was reluctant at first but then the rain kicked in and he agreed. When I pulled up outside his house the lights were on and I realized his wife was still up. The thought of it got me going in a way I hadn't experienced before. I undid my seatbelt and moved my head into his lap. 'What are you doing' he asked before it became clear exactly what I was doing. He was big and my mouth was full of him. 'Stop, please...' he said in a breathy kind of way, but instead of trying to stop me he put his hand into my hair and began guiding my head up and down until he came in my mouth. We didn't say a word afterwards. We just smiled impishly at each other and then he got out of the car and went into his home.

Keep it open

The tales I've told you here are just some of the adventures I've had by using online platform to find an adult match. There are many other stories I could tell you. Like the time a guy brought his girlfriend with him on the date. We didn’t have sex but we did end up being really good friends and I did ended up having sex with his girlfriend later that year! The point to bear in mind is that when you start getting into adult matches, you'd best keep your mind open and foster an attitude of adventure, because that is exactly what you will end up getting!

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