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The Online Matching suggested my Colleague

I'll start my story by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Lydia, I'm a high school teacher, and I'm 30 years old. As for my dating life; there isn't one. I have a hard time finding men to go out with, which is why I started looking for an adult match online.

Beautiful brunette in business dress

I made my profile with tidbits of information about myself and added a picture of me in tight jeans and a low-cut top. Fortunately I have a pretty great body, so taking the picture wasn't as nerve-racking as I thought it would be. I have a slim yet curvy figure with a big bottom, natural double D's, long brown hair, and thick thighs. Once I had my profile up, I started looked for matches that I was interested in.At first I didn't find anyone, but that only lasted a few days. I eventually came across a man named Derek who was 32 and handsome, although he was a bit softer around the middle than I'd generally prefer. However, with such great looks and an even better personality, I decided to give this adult match a try. For the date I dressed in a short red dress perfectly paired with black lace panties and a black lace bra. As soon as he walked in I recognized he worked in my school, and we hit it off from there. After only one glass of wine both of us decided it was time to go to his place.

Being Taught Like Never Before

When we walked into his city-view apartment he offered me a glass of red wine while we spoke about being teachers. I could quickly tell he loved to be dominant, and this made me throb deep down. I asked him if he would be willing to show me some of his teaching techniques, and he quickly obliged. Gently taking my hand, he led me to his office and sat me at his cushioned leather chair. Once there, he walked around behind me and firmly pulled me hair behind me in his fist. Now completely wet, I asked him what we wanted me to do. He instructed for me to slip off my panties but leave my high heels on.Once my panties were on the floor, still wet with anticipation, he told me to stand up and bend over his desk. I did so willingly, which is when he walked behind me and gently grazed his hand from my clit, to my ass, up my back, and to my shoulders. He told me to explain how I wanted him to fuck me, and I told him I wanted him to spank me before he took me from behind. After this, Derek went and grabbed a ruler from across the room, which he swiftly laid on my behind. Now throbbing and dripping wet, I was ready for him to take me. He pushed me down on the desk, ripped my bra off, and entered me with gentle yet firm force.

Exploring My Fantasy

His cock was huge. It felt good pushing into me, especially when he pulled my hair and told me to be quiet. I came twice in only a couple of minutes, but was still ready for more. Derek swiftly turned me around and told me that class was ready to begin. He instructed that I suck his cock, but he said every time I came up for air I was to explain the math theorems I was teaching in class. This turned me on even more, because I love teaching and have always fantasized about fucking in the classroom. I could barely fit his entire cock in my mouth, but I gladly came up for air several times so I could go over my lesson. Once he was ready to bust, he pulled my hair and told me to sit still in front of him so he could cum on my face, which I licked up with pleasure.With my dress and heels still on, Derek told me to lay on a yoga mat he placed in front of me. Once on the mat, he told me to get on my hands and knees to stretch out my back. After I was in position he went behind me and rubbed me gently, sticking one finger in my ass and his cock inside me. I came instantly, falling into a downward-dog position. He continued to pound me, allowing my to rest against the mat with my ass in the air so I felt even more of his thickness.

Falling Into Rhythm

After he came on my back, Derek told me he loved teaching gym, so I wasn't quite done with my stretching exercises. He tore my dress off, leaving me completely naked with the exception of my shoes, and he told me to lay flat on my back. Next he told me to bring my knees up to my chest and hug my legs to my body. I did so willingly, which is when he placed his body over me and put his well-lubed cock into my ass. It felt good, especially with him rubbing my clit at the same time. I wanted to move with pleasure, but he told me to stay still while he taught his lesson. As he continued to push into me I came several times and eventually broke all rules by opening my arms and pulling his hair in the height of my last orgasm.When he finished and came on my stomach, we rested on the mat for several minutes and discussed the school where we work and how we came to seek an adult match. We created many plans for meeting again, none of which have disappointed. We also developed a plan to fuck inside of my classroom, which is my ultimate fantasy and will allow me to be the teacher and him the student. Until then, I am enjoying re-living the memory of this amazing experience that I would never have had without taking the step to find an adult match.

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