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Trying Something New with an XXL Girl

Attractive blond plus size woman standing in blue dress.I'm Blane and I've always had a thing for XXL women, otherwise known as big beautiful women (BBW). However, I never fulfilled this desire simply because I was always in long-term relationships with relatively slim girls. After my last breakup, I decided things needed to change. I wanted to finally achieve my dream of being with a big girl who had something to grab onto and soft curves that felt good against my body. To help make this fantasy a reality, I found an adult match named Isabelle who looked incredibly beautiful in every picture I saw. She was the same age as me (28) and even worked close to my law office. We agreed to meet at a bar nearby for drinks after work on a Wednesday, and I couldn't wait.When I walked into the bar I spotted Isabelle immediately and introduced myself as her adult match. She smiled a gorgeous smile and gave me a hug, then directed me to the table she got us tucked away from everyone else. Upon sitting down we ordered a bottle of champagne and the conversation flowed from there. We crept closer to each other as the night went on, and only a couple of hours into the evening we were heavily making out right in our seats. As I put my hands on her body I could feel her soft and supple breasts, her glorious curves, and her full ass. With her dress ready to come off, we both decided it was time to go.

Exploring a Big and Beautiful Body

Rather than going to her home, we went to Isabelle's office. She was an executive at a marketing agency and had sweeping views of the city that would impress anyone. She guided me to her office chair where she allowed me to pull down her pencil skirt, exposing the fact that she had no panties on. Having never been with a large girl I was not used to her big thighs, but they were beautiful. I quickly put my tongue to them and worked my way to her waxed pussy. As she leaned against her desk she moaned and grabbed my hair, encouraging me to grab her ass and hold her tight. Just seconds later she pulled me up to make out with her, which is when I freed her giant breasts and laid her down across her lengthy conference table.This is when I took off her shirt and really appreciated her XXL body and all it had to offer. Sure it might not have been typical, but it was soft, inviting, and felt unbelievable against my bare skin. I couldn't wait to feel my cock in between her thighs, but before I could enter her she told me to fuck her mouth. Right away I felt her soft lips around me, and she grabbed my ass so I could gain more control. I told her I was about to cum, and she insisted I do it in her mouth so she could swallow. It was unbelievable.

A very Different Experience

As I began to gently kiss Isabelle from head to toe, I found that I loved every roll, bump, and jiggle on her body. It turned me on to feel her softness and in minutes I was ready to go again. I spread open her legs and rubbed my dick against each of her thighs, which were now wet from anticipation and my tongue. I felt her pulling my body in while she moaned and groaned, enjoying the sensation. Once I was rock hard I pushed myself into her and she gasped with pleasure. I fucked her hard while I watched her stomach, thighs, and breasts vibrate with me. Just seeing her large body move so rapidly turned me on even more, and before I knew it I came all over her stomach.Fortunately she wasn't done with me just yet and went to go to the restroom to clean up. When she came back she lowered herself onto her knees and began aggressively blowing me. Her lips and the feeling of her hands touching me got me hard in seconds, and that's when she pulled me onto the ground. She poured a bottle of water on her breasts and told me to fuck them while she held them together. Her breasts felt almost as good as her vagina, and I came in just a minute, blowing it all on her face. She asked if I was still ready for more, and of course I was!

Not the Last Time

To finish this night of pleasure I laid on the ground and told her to get on top of me to ride me reverse cowgirl. I was a little nervous because I'd never had a girl of her weight, but she felt good on top of me. She slowly sat on top of my dick and I grabbed her ass while she continued to ride me. Soon after she turned around so I could see her glorious breasts jump all over the place with every rocking motion she made. I tightly grabbed her nipples and pulled her breasts on top of me so I could smother my face in their softness. She started screaming out in pleasure and pushed herself deeper into me, cumming hard at the same time I did.I could have touched and grabbed Isabelle's body for the rest of the night, but she promptly had to go. She pulled on her clothes, gave me a deep kiss, and we both left. I'm glad to say she has contacted me since and we will be meeting again in a couple of weeks because of our busy schedules. Now I'm a fan of XXL women for life and am so appreciative that she was my adult match. Nobody else could have pleased me or showed me just how gorgeous BBW women can be.

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