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Finding the Perfect Lesbian Sex Partner

My name is Kylie and I'm 32. I've always known that I was attracted to the boys and the girls – a genuine bisexual I think.

Two sexy girls connecting for hot fun.

The problem is that I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere and the dating pool of bisexual or lesbian chicks was small, to say the least. Tiny is more like it! We did find each other by high school – a little circle of girls who loved girls – but we were all pretty inexperienced at the same time. Going to uni was the best thing that ever happened to my sex life! I found lots of blokes and chicks who were willing to play with me and I learned a lot. But then after school was over, I was stuck in an office job as an administrative assistant, working with strangers in a forest of beige cubicles. Finding a a lesbian adult match was hard. I felt like I was back in my small town! I went from feast to famine when it came to sex and I was looking for more. I was too spoiled to settle for less.

Discovering the online dating scene

I tried all the usual places to find an adult match – bars, both gay and straight, where you end up with a drunk who's a pig in a poke. It's hit and miss as to whether you really click in bed or not and sadly, it's more often than not a miss. I even tried a swinger sex club where I could hook up with couples and supposedly get the best of both worlds. After a while, though, I got tired of fulfilling other people's fantasies, especially married blokes who really just wanted permission to fool around. I felt frustrated. I do like blokes too but they were always so easy to find and hook up with. When it came to the ladies, I guess I just didn't know where to look for an adult match. One day I was working through my lunch hour. I thought everyone else had left so I was surprised to hear someone at the keyboard the next cubicle over. I popped my head over the divider between us and was about to say “Hello!” when all I heard was a gasp. I understood why when I saw her screen – I had caught her posting a naughty sex ad online! The poor woman, who was in her late forties, was horrified, but I just laughed a little and reassured her. Good for her for looking for what she wanted! She was relieved, and started to tell me about this adult match website where she had set up a profile for free and was about to post her first ad. She let me watch and it all looked so easy. After enjoying a good laugh with her, I went back to work but of course I was thinking about it until the end of the day and I could get home. Looking online might be the answer to my dilemma!

Finding lesbian hook ups online

As soon as I got home, I rushed to find the website she had showed me. Sure enough, it was easy to set up a free profile and post my first ad. I decided to search only for other women who wanted to have also just to have a lesbian dating experience to fulfill all those wild fantasies I'd been having. I posted my ad just before I went to bed and then I couldn't stop myself from masturbating to the thought of what I might find in my message box when I woke up. I only had a little time to check before work but there were already several answers. By the end of the day when I got back home, I had a long list to work through – and that was part of the fun! The girls who answered my adult match ad included pictures and descriptions of what they wanted to do with me and I spent a very enjoyable evening reading and playing with myself! The list was still too long to decide so I took the next step and chatted online with four of the ladies. I loved talking to all of them and everyone's still on the list for the future, but I decided to start with Lacey as my first online adult match for a few different reasons. First: she was gorgeous. She had curly, flaming red hair, creamy skin and green eyes. A real natural beauty. Second: she had a beautifully dirty mind. I swear I read her message over ten times or more, it was so sexy. She had an incredible way of describing our adult match - how much she wanted to lick me until I was shivering with delight.

The perfect first date!

Needless to say, we set up our adult match for the very next day, which was a Saturday and a day off for both of us as luck would have it. We met at a cafe first and talked for a bit, but after a few words, she leaned across the table and kissed me, just as her hands were feeling their way between my legs, and I knew I was in for a fantastic experience. She had a flat not far away and we went to her place, kissing and fondling each other on the way. Once we got into her building we had to go up a long flight of stairs and we didn't make it all the way that first time. She stopped me after the second landing and as I sat on the stair, she spread my legs and licked me to a howling orgasm. I completely forgot myself! Luckily no one else seemed to be around. Once we made it into her apartment, I paid her back by having my way with her on the kitchen table. Lacey and I did it all over her apartment that day and I went home tired, barely able to walk. She's a mate of mine these days and we often place ads looking for boys and girls together. The fun never ends!

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