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I was Missing Out the World of Online Dating

My name's Brittany and I'm 26 years old. I work as a sales rep and my job means that I travel quite a bit from city to city looking after my accounts. My job and my career are going well but when it comes to my personal life...let's just say it was a sleeper.

One girl and two guys equals plenty of fun!

I'm a tall redhead with a nice pair on me if you know what I mean, so it's never been hard to find blokes who were interested. The problem is that the sex was too boring! I got to the point where I thought to myself 'If I have to put up with another two-minute hump from a drunk guy in a bar, I'm going to bloody well scream!' I think I speak for a lot of women my age when I say enough is enough! We put up with a lot and I think we deserve more.

Finding my freak online

I was on a business trip away from home doing the usual - sitting in a bar passing time - when I noticed a woman sitting next to me on her tablet. She was typing away at it and giggling to herself. She looked like she was having fun all by her lonesome and I was curious so eventually I asked what she was doing. It turns out she had put up a profile on one of those online dating sites. She showed me how easy it was - putting up a profile was free and the whole site was full of people looking for sexy fun. We looked through her message box and it was full of hot blokes - all of them trying to convince her they could be the stud of her dreams! I was intrigued to say the least, so I decided to try it out for myself. What could I lose but a lot of boring sex? I decided to set up my profile the very next day.

My sex life takes flight!

I took a hot selfie to add to my profile. I liked the fact that the site seemed so secure and discrete - I don't need any hassles from work because of my private life! It also meant I could be really honest in my first ad and tell people what I was really looking for in an adult match. I decided to go for something really exciting the first time out just to see if I could get it - a threesome. I've always dreamed of being with two hot guys at the same time, but that's hard to find if you're looking in bars. I had one real demand: they had to like each other and know what they were doing. I didn't care if they wanted to get into it with each other - bisexual was fine with me too. So, I set up my first ad and went off to work. By the end of the day, I was a bit tired but I thought checking out my messages would pick me up. Did it ever! I had too many messages to check out all at once but there was one that really caught my eye from two blokes who said that they'd been mates since grade school and that they'd often enjoyed women together. They said they knew how to please women and the clincher was their pic - two gorgeous tanned surfers.

An adult match a trois

We made plans to meet that weekend when all three of us were off work. I first met Tom and Robin at a bar by the beach and I knew it was going to be great fun the minute I spotted them together. They were both just as gorgeous as their pics (no lying there!) and they were laughing together over something as I walked up. I had a drink with them and we chatted and it was like I was with old friends - but these friends came with benefits. As we had that drink, they sat on either side of me. Their hands started on my knees and then began to slowly snake their way up my thighs where they met between my legs. We were outside on a patio and we were just lucky business was slow and there was no one else around... Before too long, the three of us drove to a nearby motel and I swear we were all naked within seconds of getting inside the door! Tom and Robin didn't lie - they sure knew how to please a woman. They took turns kissing and licking me from head to toe until I was so hot I was begging them both to fill me up. After we all fell asleep, exhausted, a few hours later, I knew I'd made the right choice and that I could say good-bye to boring sex forever!

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