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Getting Over the Impossible Love Affair

There you are, minding your business like you always have and there he stands. Your world suddenly stands still as you behold this man that has jumped out of your dreams and is now standing right in front of you.

woman into a gay guy
Be aware he may try to be nice and collected about everything.

His smile reveals a perfect set of teeth as he reaches out to you for a handshake and time stands still. At that point, you're not sure if that's what they call love at first sight or you're simply infatuated.

You suddenly start to imagine both of you working down the aisle, and there after exchanging your vows. Oh, wait. He's actually right there in front of you.

It's not a dream but a reality. One thing leads to the next and you're now friends. You're head over hills in love with him that it's written all over your face only to discover that he's gay.

Read on to find out how you can move on.

Simply Move On

It's out in the open and you now know that he isn't interested in people with long, beautiful hair and neither is he attracted by curvaceous hips revealed by lovely dresses.

He isn't interested and he sadly never will be.

He may try to be nice and collected about everything but it will certainly be a cause for awkward moments between both of you. Try and focus on that guy who is still locked up in your fantasies. At least he won't reject you.

Unless you enjoy drama and heart ache in your life, then you can keep on chasing the wind.

Find Out if He'll Go Straight for You

confident brunette flirting with gay man
Don't be dissapointed if he is not interested.

There's so much to sexuality than society tends to acknowledge and who knows, he probably may have room for a particular kind of woman. However, even if it did happen, it doesn't necessarily mean that this woman is you.

Women looking for men are often disappointed by this sad reality.

If you're closer than close, there may be a remote possibility. Try and find out about it, especially if he's single. Probe him further to know if he would ever consider being with a woman.

How he's behaved in the past can be a gauge of exactly how far he can stretch to accommodate you.

Be Good Friends with Him

It won't be easy but see value in him in non-romantic ways. Set aside the feelings of attraction and get to know him better than before. Go for a baseball match, or hiking together but keep it strictly platonic.

Talk about what he fancies most and watch a match together. Be content with the fact that the friendship bit is all you'll ever get from him and who knows? Maybe someday he may opt to look at you in a romantic manner.

Getting to bond breeds familiarity and this may, in turn, bring affection.

Speak Out About How You Feel

If you're sure without an ounce of doubt about how you feel about him, go ahead and let him know. Be bold enough to confess your love for him because it will eventually be worth it being honest about it.

If, by any chance he reciprocates, it will be important to note that you haven't "changed" a gay man, so be cautious of this. He's probably just as gay as he first met you and chances are that he sees you as being manly enough for him.

He's also perhaps unsure about his sexuality if he'll make an exception for you.

If on the other hand, confess and get a blank and puzzled stare enough to spell out no, then you can console yourself with the fact that the answer was staring you right in the face. He's gay and loves people with beards and masculine bodies.

Change your Approach

A number of women who are always falling in love with the wrong people just have a bad "method" for getting suitable guys. That explains why they can't get a man who's into them.

Going to a gay club in the name of picking up a guy is totally wrong. You'll probably fail to notice a straight guy walking around aimlessly and hit on his well-groomed and well culture counterpart.

Make a deliberate effort to visit places that are meant essentially for heterosexual people. A straight club, for instance, would be ideal for you because you'll get hit on and eventually get a straight guy who is really into you.

Helplessly Falling for Gay Men is Costing You

It probably may not make sense, but if there's a certain consistency of only falling for gay men, you need to seek help. It's not normal to cling onto rejection and be okay with it. You may not know it but you're plunging yourself into disaster by having a preference to men who will down rightly reject you.

The possible reason for this would be that you wouldn't want to have to deal with the real pain that comes with rejection. Or it's simply because you feel love isn't for you.

blonde lady being rejected by a gay guy
It's best to shake off the man who can't love you back.

Wrapping It Up

In as much as sexual orientation may complicated and touchy at the same time, it's best to shake off the man who will obviously never love you back.

Want to know the best part? Keeping your eyes open as you wait for that guy that guy who will love and appreciate you for who you truly are will pay off. Eventually.

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