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6 Tips on Making a Woman Orgasm Fast

If you’re looking for NSA fun or just something to blow your mind, you need make her feel special by giving her pleasure she has never experienced before. You’ll not only want to make her orgasm but also to make it happen fast.

very attractive guy making his woman come very fast
Get into sex with your girl until she is dying for it!

Otherwise, you might be forced to nurse sores after 30 minutes of trying to make her climax. Of course, you don’t want to stop but simply can’t hang on. Hence, learning how to make it happen fast can be worthwhile; she’ll feel the pleasure sooner and you’ll get a break! Read no to discover how to make it happen.

#1 Make Her Feel at Ease

First things first, get her completely relaxed. You need to make her relaxed so that she’s comfortable with your date. Otherwise, she’ll be faking all together. Take your time, you’ll make her feel at ease and she'll be begging for sex.

This is where you need to bring in the foreplay. The atmosphere plays a big role when it comes to getting her to orgasm. You’ll need to build the mood. You can take a warm shower together or give a nice massage to get that sensual mood.

With the right mood, she’s able to achieve a pleasurable orgasm quite fast.

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#2 Play with Her Emotions

Interestingly, women are quite emotional. They’re turned on more when told what you’ll do instead of just doing it. When you involve their emotions, you’ll be surprised at how she’ll be more than ready to orgasm.

Try getting naughty and describe every detail to have her anticipation build up.

However, you’ll need to keep her waiting. Never make a mistake of getting into sex with your girl until she is dying for it.

#3 Take Your Time Kissing

You’ll want to invest at least three minutes of your time in kissing. In fact, existing study suggests that kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone. She’ll take less time to turn on. However, don’t just kiss her mouth, slide off your lips to her neck each time taking an item of her clothes.

woman and man about to start NSA fun
Women love the soft and warm physical sensations.

You’ll want to keep her in her underwear for an extra minute. Then, caress and stroke her through the fabric for a while, you’ll build an intense anticipation before getting to the real stimulation. You’ve got to act like you have all the time.

#4 Invest in Foreplay

It’s time to let those tricky fingers hang loose! Peel off her underwear and pull up her clitoral hood. Place a finger on the other perineum directly below the opening of the vagina and then lick the clit from side to side across its base.

When you feel her first orgasmic contractions, you've just come to the right moment!

PRO TIP: THE RIGHT ATMOSPHERE - Use the strawberry-scented Intimate Lube. She’ll get more excited and sensitive.

#5 Orals Work Miracles for Women

Well, your tongue is definitely the best tool to set her off. Women love the soft, warm physical sensation it provides. When you combine this with occasional dirty talks, you’ll get her closer to orgasm. She’ll definitely take in a few strokes before going off! Hence, make sure you’re persistent. Make her feel like she’s melting with every stroke of your tongue and slowly make her fall into the abyss of pleasure!

#6 Get the Right Sex Positions

Of course, the clit is the key to the female orgasm. Hence, you’ll want to learn how to put pressure on the clit. Well, a doggy style is just a fun position for you. It also feels good for her. However, you’ll have a hard time to provide enough stimulation to make her orgasm; at least not anytime soon. Perhaps you’ll want to learn a few sex positions that are quite beneficial to the clit.

- Advanced Doggy -

Well, you should first assume the normal Doggy Style. Then, guide her head so that it’s on the bed and leave her ass in the air. You should then place a pillow underneath her stomach so that she can rest on it. She’ll then relax and get ready to be pounded.

PRO TIP: MAKE IT RIGHT! - Now go for it. Thrust downwards, hard, and with a steady pace with consistency. If you can maintain this for 5 minutes, she’ll squirt in no time.

- G-Spot Missionary -

Normal missionary position aside!. Then, take her legs up to your shoulders. You can create a lift with a pillow under her lower back so that her ass is off the bed. This way, you’ll thrust her consistently.

Mixing things up like talking naughty and taking only one leg up and pumping her hard can be worthwhile too. You’ll be hitting her g-spot every damn time!

- Girl On Top -

You’ll love to grab a chair and ask her to sit on top. Make her lean on her back and hold onto the edge of the chair. You’ll have to arch her back as she does this. Now, it’s left of her to do the work. You can psyche her to ride you hard.

woman getting an orgasm fast
Get to know the sex positions that are beneficial to the clit.

Have a quick flirt to keep her going. Spending at least 5 minutes on the technique will get her shaking with squirting orgasm!

- The Pinner Position -

Well, women feel nervous about stimulating their own clit. Make her lie face down and lie on her top and penetrate her from behind. Let her slip her hand and rub her clit. Most women who have never had an orgasm get their first in this position.

- The Cat Position -

Make it more of a face to face position. However, ride a little higher than a normal missionary position. This way, your big gun won’t go all the way into the vagina, instead, the stem or root will pull and push hard on the clit to produce a great sensation.

Once done with sex and are both exhausted, you can give her a cuddle and a kiss and tell her that you really need to be somewhere. You’ll leave her wanting more.

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There’s no right or wrong way to have it with your partner; the kind of kinky is just up to you and your fetish partner you’ll only need to experiment what works for you!

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