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11 Unusual Things that Seriously Turn Guys On

Leave the weird-ass thing that makes a guy crazy hot, there are other ways to attract a man and maintain his interested in you. Sorry, Brazilian girls!, we’ve got to get a little honest here! Read through to become sexy confident with your man!

strong confident lady who turn on guys
They found sexy a girl who lives up to her potential!

#1 You’re Going Places, and You Know It

Nothing keeps a man in love than seeing his girl succeed. It’s sexier when a girl goes for what she wants and get it. The ability to take names, kick ass, and take charge turn men on.

When a guy sees his girl lives up to her potential, he’s quite happy and more attracted to her.

Think of this, when she’s awarded at the workplace, the guys receive the news quite warmly – they’re more than happy to indulge their girls with a reward once they get home!

#2 Play Some Music

Interestingly, music playing in the background is more likely to turn a guy on more than touching and feeling the partner. Hence, next time your guy will be coming over, make sure to play some sexy music in the background.

More importantly, create a playlist with all his favorite music to get him into the mood. It appears more romantic when they realize you’ve got all that information behind that pretty face!

#3 Look Like Your Guy

Did you know that looking like your partner make you more attractive to him?

Sounds scary, right?

Perhaps you know of a couple that resembles a brother and a sister. It pays to be pretty and gorgeous as your guy. Hence, if you’re looking to turn your guy on, try aligning your look with his.

I don’t mean shave your head and look like him. How about starting with the outfit? Try out his favorite colors and see if he’ll notice.

If he’s more into casuals, try incorporating a few polo shirts with your Doc Martens. He’ll fall for you hundredfold!

#4 Don’t be Afraid to Take Control

PRO TIP: THINK OF THIS!– he minds his own business, and you come up without a word, kiss him, and undo his belt, it's mind-blowing! There’s always something about a woman that takes charge and who wants it as bad as the guy wants.

Very few guys will take girls in control as dirty, sexual beasts, and full of insatiable appetites. Most guys are turned on, and they love it. On the other hand, girls feel sexier!

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#5 When He Knows He’s Loved for Real

Guys love the feeling of knowing that they’re loved. To know that you have that good looking, sexy, ambitious, and impressive girl next to you is breathtaking!

Perhaps the girls are asking what’s the big deal in that – only guys understand how good it feels to know he can melt into a comfortable love with his girl and enjoy a quiet Sunday morning.

If that doesn’t sound magical to you, nothing does!

lady turning on her guy by showing him her love for him
Show him how much you love him.

#6 Try Out that Old T-Shirt

You probably got that old busted T-Shirt that’s a little bit big. It’s probably that which you’ve not worn in years. That’s all right – put it on and ensure it falls just exactly right to give a hint of something nice beneath it.

Your fuck buddy will want to rip you off and do some nasty stuff right there. Of course, he’ll try to restrain himself – making him super aroused!

#7 Guys Love a Selfless Giver

An existing study explains that men are attracted to girls with a selfless character. When a woman becomes selfless and does something for other people. Guys are incredibly excited and can’t help it.

How about becoming a right person? You’ll benefit not only others but also create a unique blend of attraction and lots of sex along your way!

#8 Give Him Some Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You probably wonder why strawberry is a hot commodity every valentine’s day. Well, men find strawberries covered in chocolate a sexy meal.

Hence, the next time you’ll be going out with your spouse for a date or a local hookup, make sure to pick some chocolate and strawberries.

#9 Wear that Perfect ’Come to Hither’ Smile

Guys hardly miss that look: the upturned corners of your mouth. You’ve got to sly that smile on him every time there’s some fun on the table. You may be working on something entirely unsexy.

However, wearing that bright ‘come hither’ smile on him makes it attractive.

#10 Arrest Him with Your Laugh

Did you know that you can incredibly turn your guy on by laughing? Existing research explain show most men find a lady’s guffawing to be hot and sexy. Well, some women are a little conscious about their boisterous laughing.

If only they knew what kind of impact it brings!

How about trying out something like making fun of him? While you probably shouldn’t make fun of him, a little mocking is pretty sexy. Most if not all guys are okay with a bit of mockery.

#11 Concentrating On Other Things Other Than Him

Of course, you have your own life to spend and time to go beyond what you do together. How about focusing on something that doesn’t keep your attention on him all day? A concentrated girl is every man’s dream.

At times, you don’t even have to drop what you’re doing to snap attention all the time. Be confident, be focused, be determined – he’ll love that about you!

Of course, you hardly consider the above things sexy. It’s not that you think you’re unattractive or something – you’ve got to be more than just sex appeal.

man totally turned on by his lady
Turn your guy on by laughing.

Many girls are unaware that there are plenty of weird things they find unsexy, but men find them hot. You might find them annoying and unattractive – they don’t carry a whole lot of weight on your definition of sexy.

However, guys find them pretty attractive, regardless of your opinions about them.

PRO TIP: IT'S NO SECRET – Men can make just about everything sexual. Hence, you’ll love to learn the above tips and keep your guy incredibly turned on – they may not be interesting, but they are worth trying!

Now you know, so go for it!


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