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How to Tell if Your Girl has had a Boob Job

Telling whether your girl has fake breasts can be confusing at times. This is why you need to know how to differentiate between fake and real breasts. Read on to see how this is possible.

hot woman coming out from the swimming pool
Are they too perfect to be real?

#1 Look Out How Identical the Breasts Are

Most breasts are not ideal orbs and are usually not identical. You might want to look out for the way they hold in place as she moves. When she bends over, you should see them fall if they're real!

Well, real breasts will typically have a slight varying difference. Since breasts implants are man-made, they are usually the same size. In fact check on Webcam girls online, those with breasts implants will always have oddly identical breasts.

#2 Fake Boobs are too High Up

A natural woman's breasts will somewhat sag or even sag more depending on the woman, her age as well as the size of the breasts. However, slight sagging is common for all women. Of course, this was the reason why bras were invented!

If you're looking for a date with BBW girls, just make sure the boobs don't appear too high. As a matter of fact, Breast implants are placed into the breasts too high so that they will eventually sag into the proper place in the breast.

This process takes about four to six months for the implants to fall into permanent place.

#3 Shape

BBW girl showing her big boobs
How do they sag?

Gravity is the major influence on the shape a natural breast has. While gravity causes it to sag, it also brings about the pear shape; that is, more mass accumulating at the bottom and the top being somewhat thinner.

In case your naughty date has had a breast implant, her breasts will have unnatural, perfectly spherical like quality. She'll definitely have boobs that look like two balloons glued onto her body.

Definitely, they are not real!

#4 Scars

The surgeons use four places to fill the girls' silicon set; the belly button, under the breast, around the nipples or the armpits. Worse still, if the breast implant was done by a cheaper surgeon' perhaps less experienced, she might develop permanent scarring.

You'll definitely realize where incisions were made! Women looking for men don't stop at anything and wouldn't mind spending extra dollars for a better surgeon; as long as they get what they need to impress guys.

That's alright! Regardless, despite having temporary scars, incisions are still visible. Should you come across scarred tissues along your girl's breasts, how about a bell that what you're looking at is not real?

#5 Spacing of the Breasts

Of course, this might be hard to tell; probably because most bras squeeze the breasts together or it might appear offensive to glare at them for a long time when trying to estimate the space between them.

That's alright!

An average woman with real breasts will have a distance of approximately two to three inches between her breasts. Hence, should your fuck buddy have breasts close to each other, even without a bra, you might be looking at fake boobs!

Implants take up more space pushing breasts towards each other; thus, reducing the space between them.

#6 Feeling the Breasts

Perhaps you've entered into adult dating and have hooked up with a few women looking for men. After spending a night out and probably invites you for cuddling or flirting, you're surprised to find her breasts quite hard.

That's scary. But of course, you'll want to touch warm and soft breasts, right? Hard breasts, then, becomes a sign they are fake. Whereas natural breasts are made up of fat hence, they're soft and malleable, implanted breasts feel harder than natural ones.

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#7 Observe the Fall line of the Breasts

Whenever a woman lies down, the gravity tugs on her breasts in a different way than when she was standing or sitting. Many women feel that when they lie down; actually have a feeling that their breasts have shrunk.

Here's why; natural breasts are shy. When a woman lies, they will sort of sink into her armpit. Breast implants remain as they were when a woman was standing; looking like spheres.

Hence, should you find your girl's boobs bolted even when she's laying on her back, chances are that they are not real?

#8 Side View of the Breasts

As mentioned earlier, most of the key clues to spot fake boobs lie in the shape of the breast. Whether you're dating Indian girls or BBW girls, their boobs ought to be pear-shaped with more mass accumulating at the bottom; of course, if she has natural breasts.

Otherwise, if your girl has many volumes in the top half as on the bottom half; chances are that you're looking at a fake breast!

handsome guy making a boob job test
The time to tell if your girl has real breasts or not.

#9 Check Out for the Breasts Outline

If you have come across ads or magazines where a woman's breasts appear like two balloons with a clearly visible circular border along the top, you might be looking at breast implants.

The natural breast can never appear that way; unless one puts up an insanely high push-up bra. Natural boobs are thinner at the top which makes it harder to define the border above.

#10 Breast Implants Make Sloshing Noise

Arguably, women with breast implants will sometimes give off a sloshing sound as they move around. If the implant doesn't fill up all the way with saline, air pockets are created.

Of course, it's difficult to hear such sounds from a woman walking down the street, but you'll definitely hear it in an intimate setting. Other visual cues that sell out a woman with breast implants may include the shape and location of the nipples.

The boob job sometimes misplaces their direction and position.

It might be hard to tell if your girl has real breasts or not, but with the points articulated in this piece, you will be able to differentiate real and fake breasts.

However, you need to understand that breast implants should not interfere with your love; sometimes they are medically justified. Perhaps these images will help you understand what fake breasts are.

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