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Prevent limp dick before it happens

Limp dick is totally natural and more common than we like to admit. Here are a few tips to get your southern friend up and ready for your next bedroom adventure

handsome man with limp dick
Work through performance problems and get sex as you always wanted.

#1 Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make your hormones go out sync and effect the readiness of your testosterone. If you don’t have the energy for even simple everyday tasks, you sure aren’t going to have the energy to perform in the bedroom.

However, physical exhaustion is just one of the many side effects of sleep deprivation which also include mental and emotional lethargy. Finding a way to get in a few extra z’s can really help you to achieve overall wellness and avoid limp dick in the bedroom. Doctors suggest that getting between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night can drastically improve sexual performance, and help fight that post-cum grogginess.

#2 Cut Back on Alcohol

One of the most common obstacles, alcohol is notorious for helping you to let go of inhibitions while preventing you from actually getting things done. Since alcohol is a depressant, you are also more likely to get tired faster if you do happen to get it up.

To prevent limp dick, try pacing your drinks and periodically drinking water throughout the night if you feel you’re getting too drunk. Once you’ve passed that threshold, it’s hard to sober up fast before a potential romp in the streets. In the end, you’ll be glad you traded getting hammered for getting laid.

#3 Simplify Your Surroundings

When the T.V. is blaring and you have to battle food wrappers from dinner in order to get between the sheets, you can get a little distracted from the sexy mood required for sex. This can also keep your junk from fully understanding what’s required of him at the moment.

Try preparing your environment a little before sex in order to create the right ambience, whether that’s with candles, soft unobtrusive music, or simply a clean bedroom. You can also turn off your phones, or lock the door if you have kids in order to ensure a focused and more sensual love making experience.

#4 Speak Up

If you’re sleeping with someone for the first time, it can be hard to know exactly how to please the other person. From the beginning, be honest and be instructive with what you like in order to help your partner turn you on and prevent limp dick.

Call it dirty talk, call it teaching—everyone likes to be thrown a little bone with a bone to know what’s going on. And don’t be afraid if it takes longer than normal to get comfortable with your new partner. Oftentimes it takes a little time to get the juices flowing, so try spending a little bit more time on foreplay and build up to the big erection.

getting over the limp dick
Exercise gives you more energy and increases sexual performance!

Sometimes getting your partner off is the most effective way to perk up your own sexual appetites.

#5 Give up guilt

If you were raised in a body-shaming environment, in which sex was considered a sinful act then it may be affecting your ability to get an erection. Understanding the source of this shame or anxiety may require talking it out in therapy, however admitting its influence is the first step towards creating a healthy sex life.

Realize that sex is a natural human process and try to stop punishing yourself for realizing your innate nature. Communicating these thoughts to your partner may help you to work through performance problems and their murky origins in the future.

#6 Hit the Gym

Your body is a machine that constantly needs maintenance in order to run smoothly. Working out improves blood flow throughout your muscles, including your little friend below.

Exercise also gives your body more energy to get out and pick up more sexual partners and releases several important happiness-inducing hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Building up your physical endurance in the gym can also lead to increased sexual performance later on.

#7 Try Meditating

Being in the moment and present with your partner is one of the most intense sexual experiences. Incorporating daily meditation is a good way of practicing the art of mindfulness in order to more fully focus on each individual task throughout the day.

This includes more focus in the bedroom, where things like anxiety and stress can try to pull your mind away from your more important physical sensations and lead to limp dick. Plus, if your girl is already into yoga and meditation it can be a great way to bond together out of the sheets as well.

#8 Understand your medications

The medications you may be taking for diabetes, heartburn, PTSD, or any number of ailments could be affecting your ability to get an erection. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist at your next appointment in order to understand the full scope of side effects associated with your medications.

You may just need to change your dosage or pill in order to see more positive sexual results. However, do not simply stop taking your medications and compromise other aspects of your health in the name of getting it up. Even Viagra, which was designed to help erectile dysfunction, doesn’t work for every man.

#9 Quit Smoking

While smoking is bad for your overall health, it has a direct correlation in terms of men’s sexual performance. Smoking cigarettes can damage the lining of your blood vessels, inhibiting blood flow in the penis and leading towards erectile dysfunction.

Cigarettes are also effective stimulants which affect the nervous system and can lead you to feel more jittery and off-focus. Try limiting your smoking until after sex, when you’re more likely to enjoy it anyways.

lady in bed understanding why he has a limp dick
Avoid stress of any kind to infiltrate in your bedroom.

#10 Less Work, More Play

Work-related stress is also one of the most common reasons men site for sexual underperformance. All of the anxiety and fast-paced tempo of a full-time job can make it hard to stay present and unwind once you’ve gone home.

Besides, modern day work demands are also making it increasingly more common for workers to bring their projects home with them at the end of a long day. To avoid this stress infiltrating your bedroom, try separating your workspace and your play space more divisively by introducing a “coming home” ritual.

This can include having a mixed drink or taking a shower in order to clear your head and be more relaxed in the bedroom. Whatever your method of choice, separating your different responsibilities into specific places can help you to focus and enjoy sex more fully.

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