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10 Simple Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

man looking after attractive woman
Have courage!

Adult dating is great if you want to sleep around for a while, but it’s no good if you’re looking for a committed relationship. Rather than a guide to BBW dating, you need a guide to getting the love of your life back.

Millions of men find themselves in this position every day. They are trying to get on with their lives, but their one true love is all they can think about. If you’re one of these guys, it’s important to know that there could still be hope — even if your former girlfriend has knocked you back.

And the best thing? Well, there’s nothing in this list that is too difficult to achieve. Use these 10 tips for getting your girlfriend back, and romance could be just around the corner.

1. Understand why she dumped you in the first place

Yes, your girlfriend may have dumped you, but do you know why? And if she told you the reason, do you understand it. It’s often not enough to accept a decision, you need to demonstrate to your former girlfriend that you empathise with it. You need to show her that you’re willing to put things right.

2. Make a grand gesture

If you think that your girlfriend dumped you because of the attention you show her, she’ll be very wary if you’re now claiming things will change. You need to show her that things will change — and that’s going to require a grand gesture. Exactly what you do should depend on the type of relationship you both have, and what you think might resonate with her. Making a personal sacrifice or making a public declaration might work… just do something she’ll react positively to.

3. Don’t make things superficial

The worst thing you can do is shower your ex girlfriend with gifts. She’s likely to think you’re trying to buy her affections, and that could make things a lot worse. Work on the issues that caused the breakup in the first place, and stop trying to paper over the cracks.

Pro tip:Show your willingness to improve your relationship by suggesting couples counselling.

4. Work on being friends

While there is obviously some sort of physical attraction between you both, this won’t sustain a long-term relationship. If your ex just won’t consider getting back together right now, suggest being friends. Work on being there for one another, and she might start to soften to a reconciliation over time.

Pro tip:If you go down the friends route, keep your cool if she starts to date other guys. Be there as a shoulder to cry on, and show her you can be mature and compassionate more calories.

5. Use the written word

man writing a letter
Take your to find the right words!

If your relationship with your ex girlfriend is a little frosty, it might be better to share your thoughts and aspirations in a letter. This way, you can communicate your thoughts without being interrupted or becoming emotional.

Ask her to reply to your letter with her own thoughts. However, you both need to use this opportunity to be honest with one another. If there are major issues, you need to talk about them — otherwise they’ll be there forever.

6. Take things slowly

The chances are there’s still bitterness, resentment or trepidation at play, so it’s important not to force the issue if your girlfriend’s initial answer is no.

Give her some space, but make it clear that you’re there for her if she needs you. If you pressure her into getting back together, you might make the situation a lot worse.

Pro tip:Suggest going for daytime dates at a local coffee shop or cafe. These short mini dates can be used to discuss your issues, and to get used to being around one another again.

7. Make yourself as attractive as possible

Physical attraction gets you so far in a relationship, but it can never form the basis of something lasting and meaningful.

man cares for himself
Dress to impress!

Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to show your ex what she’s been missing — particularly if you let things go a little. Whether you want to hit the gym, invest in some new clothes or generally tidy up your appearance, making a serious effort could impress her.

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8. Suggest friends with benefits

If your ex hasn’t found someone else yet, there’s a good chances she’s not having regular sex. This could be an opportunity for you to suggest a mutually beneficial arrangement. Suggest that she becomes your temporary fuck friend — without strings. But only do this if you’re both on reasonable terms.

Ask her to come around for an hour or two at the weekend, and show her what she’s been missing in the bedroom. Sexual intimacy often leads to emotional closeness… just don’t press the issue if she refuses.

9. Avoid getting desperate

Nothing turns off a woman more than desperation. If you’re needy and a little pathetic, the chances are your ex girlfriend will want nothing to do to you. You don’t have to be aloof, however — just keep things cool and very matter-of-fact. If things don’t go your way at first, you might want to hint that you’re getting on with your life.

Pro tip:Remain friends with your ex, but start dating other people. If she gets jealous, you’ll know you’re in with a chance. If she doesn’t, at least you’re already meeting other people.

10. Remain friends with her family

Too many people lose contact with their partner’s family the moment a breakup is announced. However, you can demonstrate to your ex that you care — and that you’re above petty point scoring — by staying in touch with her close friends and family.

Be there to help them or offer advice, and check in every now and again to see who they’re doing. This will get back to your former girlfriend and work in your favour. After all, having your ex girlfriend’s parents and siblings in your corner can only be helpful.

If you’re charming, understanding, compassionate and as physically attractive as the day you both met, there’s no reason why you can’t win back the affections of a former girlfriend.

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