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10 Steps to Achieving the Male Multiple Orgasm

Where multiple orgasms are concerned, women definitely drew the long straw. For most women, achieving multiple orgasms is a regular event, but for men, the feat is a lot more difficult.

man practicing for achieving male multiple orgasms
Do you want to learn how to achieve multiple orgasms?

But it’s time to unlearn what you think you know about sex — and start experimenting with your sex buddy. Multiple orgasms for men really are possible, but you’ll need to follow these important steps to achieve the holy grail of male sexual activity.

1. Get your Breathing Right

Throughout the sexual experience, you should be concentrating on your breathing. Take deep and deliberate breaths throughout sexual intercourse. Generally speaking, the more you can control your breathing, the greater control you’ll have over your sexual climaxes.

You’ll need to find a partner who is patient, however, so come to a mutually beneficial agreement with women seeking men for sex.

2. Find your PC Muscle

In order to control your orgasm, you need to learn how to control your PC muscle. To locate it, try to hold your pee in the next time you go to the toilet.

Learn how to squeeze and relax this muscle, as this ability is crucial to achieving multiple orgasms without climaxing.

3. Know what your point of no return is

Your point of no return is the moment you know you’re going to climax. You may notice a slight tingling sensation, at which point you can stop what you’re doing and keep the wolf from the door.

PRO TIP: Priorities First!

Concentrate on anything other than sex when you’re nearing your point of no return.

4. Masturbate a Lot

They say that practice makes perfect, and that certainly applies when you’re training yourself for multiple orgasms. While you masturbate, concentrate on how your body feels during the seconds before you climax.

Does breathing differently make you last longer? Get to know your sexual self, and you’re halfway to mastering the art of male multiple orgasms.

5. Relax

If you’ve ever tried to stop an orgasm, you will know that getting too excited is always a bad idea. And guess what: Being relaxed usually makes you last a lot longer. Before you masturbate or have sex, control your breathing, relax and run your hands up and down your body.

Get used to having your genitals touched before you get going.

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6. Experiment with your thresholds

Once you’ve masturbated a few times, you will start to recognise the signs that you’re close to an orgasm. Try to get as close as you can before stopping yourself.

Do this a few times, so your body becomes accustomed to the process of continually being pulled back from the point of climax.

handsome young man finding his PC muscle
You need to learn how to control and exercise your PC muscle.

7. Exercise your PC Muscle

Now that you've found your PC muscle and learned how to control it, you need to exercise it to make it stronger. When you’re masturbating or having sex, continually squeeze and relax the muscle as you near an orgasm.

Make a mental note of how the sensation feels, as this will be an indication of how close you are. The stronger you make this crucial muscle, the more you can control your orgasms.


A strong PC muscle is essential if you hope to ever master the art of male multiple orgasms.

PRO TIP: Kegel Exercises

Use an online tutorial for Kegel exercises to train your PC muscle. Kegel exercises are used by women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles during and after pregnancy.

8. Manage your Energy Flow

Reaching climax is a huge release of energy. Much like a sneeze, this release can be controlled with the right techniques and a little determination. While it’s difficult to stop this energy from rising up, you can help it to flow somewhere else around your body.

The moment you feel the orgasm sensation beginning to build, control your breathing, and visualise the energy moving away from your groin and up through your torso and arms. This process takes an incredible level of concentration and willpower, so don’t expect to master it overnight.

9. Cross the Line

You might be wondering:

How do I put everything I’ve learned about male multiple orgasms together. Well, the only way to proceed is to give it a try. This requires a huge amount of practice, so expect to have loads of fun.

While you’re having sex, start by controlling your breathing and trying to stay relaxed. Approach the sex session as if you’re going to try to make it last as long as possible. Once you’ve regulated your breathing, start working on squeezing your PC muscle — getting it ready for the big event.

Of course, no matter how much you try not to, you’ll approach climax sooner rather than later. For the first few attempts, enjoy the ride and allow yourself to climax. However, as you approach the end game, try to stop yourself with your muscles.

You’ll probably climax, but this is great practice. In reality, it could take months of practice before you learn to pull yourself back from the brink at will.

10. Bring Everything Together

Regulating your breathing, controlling your PC muscle, diverting your orgasmic energy and staying aware all need to come together at the same time. Everyone needs to work out exactly which combination of these factors works best for them.

And that means practice!

But it’s important to moderate your expectations from the outset. You’ll fail a lot before you master the art of male multiple orgasms — and each climax will feel different to a climax that involves ejaculating. But commitment and persistence should triumph eventually.

sexy couple in the middle of a multiple orgasm sex session
Breathing differently make you last longer, so relax and bring it out!

Before you begin the process, it’s worth remembering that not all men will be able to achieve multiple orgasms on demand. And occasionally, things will get too hot and steamy to control your orgasmic energy.

However, with lots of practice, persistence and the right attitude, the multiple orgasms you have always dreamed of should become a reality.

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